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The National Broadcasting Company or NBC is an American television broadcasting company based in New York City's Rockefeller Center. It is now part of the media conglomerate NBC Universal, and supplies programming to more than 200 affiliated U.S. stations. NBC Universal is a unit of General Electric.

The last U.S. network holding company to legally abandon the name behind its acronym, in 2003 the corporate name was shrunk from "National Broadcasting Company, Inc.", as it had been from 1926, to NBC Universal, Inc. following a merger with Vivendi Universal's Entertainment division in 2004.

Control of the network passed to GE in 1986 following the purchase of NBC's original parent, RCA. Since this acquisition, the President and CEO of NBC has been Bob Wright.


On September 15, 1977, NBC began airing "CHiPs" on Thursdays at 8pm. The show aired at the following times over the years:

Sep '77 - Mar '78
Thu: 8pm
Apr '78 - Apr '78
Sat: 8pm
May '78 - Aug '78
Thu: 8pm
Sep '78 - Mar '80
Sat: 8pm
Mar '80 - Mar '83
Sun: 8pm
Apr '83 - May '83
Sun: 7pm
May '83 - Jul '83
Sun: 8pm

The final show aired on NBC on July 17, 1983.

NBC aired reruns of "CHiPs" on weekday afternoons from March 24 to September 10, 1982. When it entered syndication in the fall of 1982, it was given the "cover name", "CHiPs" Patrol to distinguish it from the new episodes.