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In ''"[[CHiPs '99]]"'', the [[CHP]] uses new [[BMW]] RT-1100P motorcycles.
In ''"[[CHiPs '99]]"'', the [[CHP]] uses new [[BMW]] RT-1100RT-P motorcycles.

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The motor officers in "CHiPs" drive Kawasaki KZ-900P and KZ-1000P motorcycles. Ponch almost won the street model (a 1978 Kawasaki Z1-R) on a game show in "Name Your Price".

This is an image of the KZ-900P, it's used in season one and season two. Chips201116ql6.jpg

The KZ-1000P is used from season 3. It has a different windscreen, other front fender, smaller pursuit lights and other (small) changes. Chips305144bs4.jpg

In "CHiPs '99", the CHP uses new BMW RT-1100RT-P motorcycles. Chips9916wm5.jpg