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Lew Saunders as Gene Fritz

Lew Saunders played Gene Fritz in "CHiPs".


  • The Rat Pack (TV-1998) as Big John
  • Mike Hammer, Private Eye - "The Cutting Edge" (TV-1998) as Philip Merson
  • Murder, She Wrote - "Proof in the Pudding" (TV-1994) as Police Officer
  • Murder, She Wrote - "The Mole" (TV-1992) as Plainclothes Police Officer
  • Silk Stalkings - "Men Seeking Women" (TV-1991) as Carter Davis
  • Father Dowling Mysteries - "The Royal Mystery" (TV-1990) as Cop
  • Cocktail (1988) as Job Interviewer
  • L.A. Law - "Prince Kuzak in a Can" (TV-1987) as Guard
  • Hunter - "The Cradle Will Rock" (TV-1987) as Rook
  • The B.R.A.T. Patrol (TV-1986) as MP
  • Stingray - "Sometimes You Gotta Sing the Blues" (TV-1986) as Smitty
  • Finder of Lost Loves - "Mister Wonderful" (TV-1985) as Policeman
  • Riptide - "The Hardcase" (TV-1984)
  • Matt Houston - "Criss-Cross" (TV-1984) as Officer #2
  • Matt Houston - "Heritage" (TV-1983) as Clerk
  • Matt Houston - "Joey's Here" (TV-1982) as Guard #1
  • The A-Team - "Steel" (TV-1983) as Orderly at Murdock's V.A. Hospital
  • Dynasty - "The Roof" (TV-1982) as Roof Cop
  • Demonoid, Messenger of Death (1981) as Sergeant Leo Matson
  • Terror Among Us (TV-1981) as Jailer #2
  • 240-Robert - "The Apology" (TV-1979) as Deputy C.B.
  • "CHiPs" - 29 episodes (TV-1977-1981)(TV-1977-81) as Officer Gene Fritz
  • ABC Afterschool Specials - "A Home Run for Love" (TV-1978) as Doctor
  • The Blue Knight - "A Slower Beat" (TV-1976) as Eddie

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