Judge Linda Lindheim

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Judge Linda Lindheim
Actor Kay Peters
Appears in Season 1 (2 episodes) and Season 2's "The Grudge"
Call Numbers N/A
Badge Number N/A

Judge Linda Lindheim is a judge presiding in the County of Los Angeles Municipal Traffic Court.[1][2]

Judge Lindheim's first appearance was to find in favor of the defendant when he successfully proved that Officer Brouillette must have been traveling at 175 mph in order to apprehend the defendant.[1]

In the case that followed, Officer Frank Poncherello presented a case against Mr. Engelhart, who crossed a flare line. Mr. Engelhart had a poor presentation and then asked for and receved a 48 hour continuance to "gather more evidence". When the case returned to trial, Mr. Engelhart had pictures of Officer Poncherello in some questionable situations. Officer Poncherello had an explanation for each one and Mr. Engelhart was found guilty.[1]

Later, Officer Poncherello returns to Judge Lindheim's courtroom to testify against Mr. Ambrose. The defendant testified that he thought Poncherello was going to assault him, so that's why he resisted arrest. As for the reckless driving charge, he testified that his car was stuck in cruise control. Upon cross examination, Mr. Ambrose said that the arresting officers inspected his tail lights, stop lights, and horn. When Officer Poncherello was recalled to the stand, he testified that the cruise control would have disengaged if the brakes were pressed and that the braking system was in perfect order. As a result, Mr. Ambrose changed his plea to guilty. He was sentenced to $250 and damages with five days in county jail.[2]

Judge Lindheim also appears in "The Grudge".[3]


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