Joseph Getraer

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Joseph Getraer
Actor Robert Pine
Appears in Seasons 1 through 6 (1977 - 1983)
Call Numbers S4 (S3 in 6th season)
Badge Number unknown

Sgt. Joseph Getraer is a self-proclaimed "closet expert on gem stones" and beat Bonnie in the CHP chess tournament ("The Game of War"). He holds the track record of 47 seconds at the Malibu Grand Prix (mini-grand prix cars) ("The Poachers").

Getraer is happily married and has a son, Timmy, and a daughter, Ellen. A second son, Christopher, was born later on in the series.

He served in the United States Navy attaining the rank of Petty Officer Third Class. (When Ponch asked in "Aweigh We Go" why he never got promoted to Captain, Getraer sheepishly admits that his time of service ran out before he could get promoted.)

As of 1999, Getraer is the CHP Commissioner.