Jon Baker

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Jonathan A. Baker
Actor Larry Wilcox
Appears in Seasons 1 through 5 (1977 - 1982)
Call Numbers 7 Mary 3
Badge Number 8712

Jon was born and raised on a ranch in Wyoming (as was Larry Wilcox). "A pretty big spread." He had a horse there named "Old Grey". It was in Wyoming that he joined the Boy Scouts. He has an older sister who was widowed. She was left alone with her son Wes ("Family Crisis").

Jon served in Vietnam (probably USMC like Larry Wilcox). After serving the CHP for many years, he returned to Wyoming to help out on his father's farm. Bobby Nelson took his place at CHP Central.

Jon's partner before Ponch was Gary Bertrom. He was 28 years old when he was killed while chasing a speeding car. Gary's brother, Pete, wanted to be a CHP but he is colorblind. Pete was arrested in "Return of the Turks" for impersonating an officer.

Jon lives in an apartment building that doesn't allow pets ("Dog Gone"). He used to drive an Austin Mini but got his blue truck for the second season. (Although several blue trucks were used in the series, the most common was a 1978 GMC Sierra Grande with the license plate 1E49964.)

His accomplishments and talents include: being a bowling instructor, certified flight instructor, an attempt writing a book, plays handball better than Ponch, horseback rider, calf roper, wind-surfer, hang-glider, jet-skier, sky-diver, volleyball player, & talented skate boarder.

Jon speaks French in "The Sheik" but couldn't speak a word of it when he pulled over the three-wheeled car in "Hustle". He must have taken lessons.

Shortly after the sixth season, Jon returned from Wyoming and became Ponch's partner once again. A year and a half later, Ponch retired.

By 1999, Jon had been promoted to Captain.