Highway Robbery

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Highway Robbery
Episode # 110
Air Date Dec 1, 1977

Brief Plot

A big assist! The officers use a circus elephant to tow a disabled truck. Jon's ex-football teammate turns to crime.


It's 8:30am and Jon is waiting outside Ponch's motorhome worried that they'll be late for briefing. Out in traffic, a guy on a motorcycle steals a watch from a man sitting in his car. Jon and Ponch encounter the traffic and almost crash when the victim opens his car door on them. Further down the road, the guy asks for a light and steals a purse. Jon and Ponch spot him and chase him until he takes a spill and tries to climb a fence. As he's arrested and Baricza arrives, the guy calls Jon "JB" as if he knows him, but Jon doesn't recognize him. As they get back on their motors, Ponch admires a woman from a suntan lotion advertisement.

In the locker room at Central, Grossie tells Ponch that Getraer's family knows her. Ponch heads straight to see Getraer who gives him a hard time for missing the briefing. Getting right to the point, Ponch asks Getraer to set him up with "Miss E-Z On", the suntan lotion model. Determined to impress Getraer, Ponch heads out to take on the world.

Out on the highway, Jon tries to figure out where he has seen the motorcycle guy while Ponch obsesses over Miss E-Z On. Soon, they encounter a traffic jam caused by a circus truck with a broken axle. After rocking a trailer back and forth, a circus elephant gets loose and the trainer has her perform for exercise. Ponch comes up with an idea to have the elephant tow the truck. When Baricza shows up, he tells Jon that the biker was Jon's old football teammate, Leo Norrison. Unfortunately for Baricza, the elephant sits on his cruiser.

Ponch and Jon chase a speeder going 87 mph. They pull over the Texan to find a $500 radar detector and tin foil inside the hubcaps and on the engine to fight against radar. Jon gives him a ticket and tells him the CHP doesn't use radar.

After Jon talks with his former teammate, Ponch and Jon help an old woman change a tire. As soon as they finish, the spare goes flat.

At Central, Baricza is having a hard time convincing Getraer that an elephant sat on his car. Ponch and Jon aren't helping him out. Getraer agrees to set up Ponch with Miss E-Z On.

On the highway, they chase a car with a smoke bomb on it. After it crashes, they discover there are people in the trunk, but the trunk won't open. Jon and Ponch pull them to safety through the back seat, but they're unconscious. Fritz arrives and calls for paramedics while Jon and Ponch perform CPR.

As they're about to leave, Jon's former teammate steals another purse and they chase him. He drives down a set of stairs onto the beach and gets clotheslined by a volleyball net.

When Ponch goes to see the suntan lotion model, Getraer is at her house. When Ponch finds out she's only 14, Grossie, Baricza, Fritz, and Jon join Getraer in a good laugh at Ponch's expense.

Great Quote

"I'm going to be 15 on my next birthday!"

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Fun Facts

  • This episode marks the first appearance of Arthur Grossman.
  • Unfortunately for the Texan speeder, Mythbusters won't bust the tin foil radar myth for nearly thirty years.
  • The pursuit of the red Cadillac begins from the Ocean View Blvd. overpass then west on to the Foothill Freeway (210). View in Google Maps


  • When Jon and Ponch first encounter traffic, it's four lanes wide. In the next shot, it's only two lanes wide. Later shots seem to alternate between the narrow road and a wide freeway.
  • While pursuing the red Cadillac with Texas plates, you can see the camera truck reflected in Ponch's sunglasses during a close-up.
  • The pursuit of the red Cadillac is filled with continuity errors. Ponch and Jon enter the Foothill Fwy (210) heading west from the Ocean View Blvd. overpass. The viewing from behind, however, shows them on a different on-ramp (notice that there is no overpass ahead of them). Next, we see them on the Ocean View Blvd. entrance ramp as they go beneath (the non-existent from the last shot) Briggs Ave. overpass; they continue west on 210(note that La Crescenta Ave. is ahead of them). The next shot shows them heading east under the La Crescenta Ave. overpass (View in Google Maps) that was just ahead of them. When they finally pull the Cadillac over, we can see them approaching the La Crescenta Ave. exit from the east; there is no off-ramp heading west. This location is behind where they just were when they went under La Crescenta Ave.
  • Talking with Leo, he tells Jon, "It's been four years, man!" Does this mean Leo (who was a year ahead of Jon) graduated just four years ago? Jon's not that young!

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