High Flyer

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High Flyer
Episode # 207
Air Date November 4, 1978
Briefing Stolen car parts
Title screen

Brief Plot

An impressionable teenage girl runs away to Jon's house; Ponch combats his fear of flying to ride in a police helicopter.


While on patrol, Ponch and Jon are greeted by Helicopter 5. Meanwhile, a woman is having car trouble and three guys in a blue van stop to help her out. They find a problem with her rotor and tell her to walk back to the call box and ask for a rotor for her distributor. As she walks off, the guys start removing her engine from her car. When she returns, she waves to the guys in the van as they drive off and then discovers her engine is missing.

She manages to flag down Ponch and Jon. They head off and chase the van. It swerves off the road to avoid some kids and heads down another street. Ponch and Jon lose it and try a pattern search, but come up empty.

At Jon's place, Ponch and Jon's neighbor drive up in Jon's truck with groceries while Jon and the neighbor's daughter, Kim, work on Ponch's car. She clearly has a crush on Jon.

Meanwhile, the van drivers arrive at their secret hideout and their boss wants the van painted quickly.

The next day, Ponch pretends to have a cold so he doesn't have to go up in the helicopter. Bob the pilot takes Grossman up instead. As they get outside, Ponch's "cold" has disappeared.

On the highway, a call comes in about car strippers and Ponch and Jon respond. The strippers, now in a tan van, drive down an alley and throw tires at Ponch and Jon. Ponch hits one and falls over in garbage.

Back at Central, Ponch runs into Bob on his way out and says he was just stuffed up. Bob is looking forward to flying with him tomorrow.

That night, Jon's neighbor has a fight with Kim. Her school counselor called and said she's neglecting her studies and has missed half her assignments. Kim is forbidden from going out skating and her mother demands she go to her bedroom and get started on her studies.

At 1am, Mr. Carter, the building custodian shows up at Jon's door. Kim went to him to find out where Jon lived. She admits that she usually says she's "skating with Gary" when she goes to Jon's after he gets off work. We learn that Kim's father was killed in Vietnam and she thinks it made her grow up faster.

The next morning, Getraer gives a briefing about the stolen car parts reaching as far as St. Louis. Ponch is faking an earache but finds out that the flight was canceled anyway because of weather.

Remember that van? It's now blue and white and still stripping cars in broad daylight. Ponch and Jon chase it until it rolls over and explodes. Some bystanders and Jon remove the thieves from the van.

Back at Jon's apartment, Kim is waiting for him. She says her mother threw her out. At Kim's house, her mother, Carol, is crying about Kim being missing when Jon and Ponch show up. They talk to her and hope things will work out.

Later, Ponch and Jon pull over a green van with 20 L.A. Rams cheerleaders in it. Twelve can ride in the van, but they make eight wait for cruisers. While Jon directs traffic, Ponch hangs out with the cheerleaders.

Back at Central, Ponch asks Sindy to help them help Jon by having her pretend to be Jon's girlfriend. At Jon's apartment, he's greeted by Kim who offers to make him anything he wants for dinner and has been doing her homework all afternoon. Sindy and Ponch show up at Jon's and Sindy greets Jon with a kiss and pretends to be Jon's girlfriend. Jon is surprised and Kim gets depressed and wants to leave. After Jon talks to Kim, everything turns out fine.

The next day, Ponch has no ailments and goes up in the helicopter. Ponch reveals he's terrified of crashing. Ponch and Bob in Helicopter 5 notice a brown van near a Mercedes. Jon goes after the van on the ground. He arrests the bald buy after he tries to run. From the air, Ponch and Bob chase the Mercedes. Ponch asks Bob to get close to scare the guy. They force him to stop after crossing a bridge. The driver runs away and they chase him with the helicopter until Ponch gets out and tackles him.

Back at Central, Grossman, Baricza, and Getraer agree with Jon that Ponch did a heck of a job for someone who doesn't like flying and won't admit it. Ponch and Bob are headed out to the airport for Ponch's flying lesson. As Ponch leaves, he notices that there are four L.A. Rams cheerleaders there. Jon says they have an extra girl and an extra ticket and asks Getraer if he's free, but he doesn't think his wife would think so.

Great Quotes

Kim: "You know, um, I didn't know what an elbow wrench was, but right when you said it, I knew what you wanted 'cause I, I saw, like a little elbow, you know? And I went like, 'Wow! That's it!' So I handed it to you."
Jon: "Maybe we're on the same wavelength."
Kim: "I think that's so neat! It's... It's almost like you know what the other one's thinking!"

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Fun Facts

  • Jon and Kim live across the street from each other so it's entirely possible that their apartments have the same design. Not only do they have the same floor plan and appliances but the wallpaper, orange paper towels, potholder (near the paper towels), and microwave oven are all the same...and in the same spots. There's also a white cylinder that's on Jon's stove but is near Kim's sink. It's pretty clear that they are the same sets with some decorative changes.
  • The building where Ponch spots the light blue Mercedes and brown '76 Chevy van ("the same van, Jon, the same van") from the helicopter is at 12615 Foothill Blvd, Sylmar. View in Google Maps
  • The bridge where the helicopter forces the Mercedes to pull over is on Big Tujunga Canyon Road (a different bridge from the one seen in Aweigh We Go). View in Bing Maps
  • The helicopter/car chase is one of the most incredible chases "CHiPs" has ever done. Check out how close the helicopter gets to the power lines. Flying like Bob does isn't easy.


  • The episode is titled "High Flyer", but the helicopter doesn't really come into play until the last ten minutes of the episode.
  • In "Career Day", Ponch jumped at the chance to go up in the helicopter. Why is he actively avoiding it here?
  • The bad guys did a great job of getting the blue van painted tan in two hours. Apparently they even had time to change the interior as well!
  • The CHP gets daily rides in a helicopter in this episode. So why don't we see it on the helicopter pad at Central in the overhead shots? (Stock footage yet again...)
  • When the thieves are stripping the Corvette, the call comes in as "5150 Ballantree". The only southern California address to match is in Lake Elsinore. It doesn't even remotely match what's seen on screen.
  • Jon says they're responding from "Armado and Dayton", another fictional intersection.
  • Kim seems pretty attached to Jon even at the end of the episode, but she is never seen again.
  • When Ponch see the thieves stealing the Mercedes, he calls Jon on the radio and reports that the bad guys are in the same van from earlier in the episode. He says its a Chevy van. However, the van is actually a Ford. The "FORD" can clearly be seen after Jon approaches the van when the rear door opens.
  • At the end of the episode, Getraer doesn't hook up with an LA Rams cheerleader because he's married. In an earlier episode, Grossie said he was married. He apparently does not have the same ethics as Getraer, is no longer married, or must have gotten a "hall pass" to go out with the cheerleaders for the evening.

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