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1973 Dodge Polara
1974 Dodge Monaco
1976 Dodge Coronet
1976 Plymouth Volare SW (note the rounder lightbar)
1978 Dodge Monaco
1979 Chevy Camaro Z28
Slicktop cruiser (note the red/amber rear lights inside)
1982 Mustang (note the steady red spot light)

A cruiser is a patrol car. In "CHiPs" different cruisers have been used by the car guys. In the first seasons they patrol in '73 Dodge Polara, '74 Dodge Monaco and '76 Dodge Coronet in the latter seasons they drive '78 Dodge Monacos. In the episode "Dead Man's Riddle" Jon announces the arrival of the Chevy Camaros to the Department to catch speeders. He and Bear actually drive one of the non marked '79 Camaro Z28. In "Satan's Angels" Sgt Getraer has a Plymouth Volare station wagon at his disposal as mobile command post, to direct the search and rescue of State Traffic Officer (STO) Clark kidnapped by some bikers.[1] In the 6th season episode "Return of the Brat Patrol" STO Carter drives an '82 Ford Mustang SSP. Different CHP vehicles can be seen parked outside the office in many episodes, in particular in "Breaking Point" when Ponch shows some stunts on his bike in the parking lot.

List of CHP patrol cars used in the show:

-Dodge Polara (1973)

-Dodge Monaco (1974)

-Dodge Coronet (1976)

-Plymouth Volare SW (1976)

-Dodge Monaco (1978)

-Chevrolet Camaro Z28 (1979)

-Ford Mustang SSP (1982)

Fun Facts

  • It is well known that CHP officers often patrol in low profile (slicktop) units to catch speeders. In "CHiPs" all the cruisers have a big Twinsonic lightbar on top (note the steady red light in the front and the flashing amber in the back of the red bar). The SSP Mustang and the non marked Camaro were the only slicktop police vehicles used in the show (even if you can see some slicktop units in the background[2]).


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  2. Episode 112: "Aweigh We Go"

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