Chris Roberts

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Chris Roberts
Actor Christian Zika
Appears in Season 2's "Disaster Squad" and Season 3's "Tow Truck Lady"
Call Numbers N/A
Badge Number N/A
Chris Roberts checking out the motorcycles as seen in Disaster Squad

Chris Roberts is the son of Ellen and Bill Roberts and a friend to Jon and Ponch. He was born in 1974 and enjoys motorcycles. His parents are divorced and his father is in Saudi Arabia.[1]

Jon and Ponch first encountered Chris at age 4. He showed up at Central and claimed to be lost. Fritz drove him home while Jon and Ponch followed. At his home, he gave a demonstration of his mini-motorbike, a gift from his father. Ponch later convinced him to enter a pee-wee motocross race where he would have won if another rider hadn't pushed him off the track.[1]

When he saw a faked news report that made it look like Ponch had punched someone, he ran away from home. The CHP put out an APB, found him at the flood control channel, and Ponch and Jon rescued him from the water.[1]

Chris also appears in "Tow Truck Lady".[2]


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