CHIPS (movie)

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CHIPS (movie)
Episode # N/A
Air Date March 24, 2017
Briefing Unknown

Warner Bros. is adapting "CHiPs" for the big screen and has hired Wilmer Valderrama (That '70s Show) to reprise the role of "Ponch," a part immortalized by Erik Estrada. Variety says TV showrunners Paul Kaplan and Mark Torgove will write the screenplay.

The feature version will be much more lighthearted, an action comedy like Warner Bros.' Starsky & Hutch adaptation.

Warner Bros. still has to cast the role of Jon Baker, as well as bring on a director.

This was originally planned for 2009, but was pushed back to 2011 in early 2009 and later pushed back to 2013. It is unknown if any of the original people are still with the project.

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