Bright Flashes

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Bright Flashes
Episode # 515
Air Date January 17, 1982
Briefing Lasers (by Scotty)
Title screen

Brief Plot

A pair of thieves use a laser to blind their victims before committing robberies. One of the witnesses is Wayne Cato, a cowboy actor and boyhood hero of Jon, but he's reluctant to come forward with information.


Ponch enters a race and crashes when he's blinded by a laser. The next day, after Ponch's sight returns, the laser operators blind everyone at a bank and steal a money delivery. Harlan signs up Ponch and Jon for a laser light show to demonstrate their effect. Ponch and Jon are called out to Wayne Cato's house where they're given a description of the van that carried the laser.

Meanwhile, the laser guys rip off a check cashing liquor store and Turner chases their van but is blinded and causes an accident. Ponch and Jon track down the van's owner (Rich) and arrest him. Wayne ID's the kid just before Scotty (the other laser guy) comes in to brief the CHP on lasers. The next day, Ponch is back racing (antique cars this time) while Bonnie visits Rich's school.

At the racetrack, Rich and Scotty rob the ticket office and drive off. Jon gets on a horse to chase them while Ponch follows in the antique car. Jon periodically ducks to avoid the laser (he's quick!) and finally jumps on the laser equipped truck and stops them.

Guest Stars




Fun Facts

  • Just like the first race in Destruction Derby (also at Ascot Park), Ponch's name gets mentioned by the commentator far more during the Sprint car race than any other competitor.
  • George Lindsey (Wayne Cato) is probably best known for playing Goober Pyle in The Andy Griffith Show and its spin-off, Mayberry R.F.D.
  • The park that Jon follows the thieves through during the final chase is MacArthur Park. They enter at the eastern corner at South Alvarado and 6th, go around south of the lake, and come out onto South Park View Street at Wilshire where Jon halts the chase. View in Google Maps


  • When Bonnie and the DMV cashier are robbed, the laser beams come from an angle that's too low to be from a van across the street.

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Bright Flashes
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