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[[Category:Minor Characters|Barkley]]
[[Category:Minor Characters|Barkley]]
[[Category:Characters by Unknown Actors|Barkley]]
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{{Infobox Character |

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Actor Unknown
Appears in Season 1 (1977-1978)
Call Numbers Unknown
Badge Number Unknown
Officer Barkley
Barkley talks to Jon and Ponch
Barkley and Brouillette

Barkley was an officer for the California Highway Patrol assigned to Central L.A. office. He was a member of the Central CHP basketball team.[1] When Zero showed up at Central to confess to loosening a bold on Jon's motorcycle, Barkley was the one who brought him in to Getraer.[2] When Ponch needed his motorcycle returned to Central on a trailer after visiting his old high school principal, Barkley gave Ponch a ride and towed the trailer.[3] Needing to find a school bus that was suspected of picking up a lost case of baby food contaminated with botulism, Getraer had assigned Berkley to check out Malibu Canyon until Brouillette pointed out that there's a traffic jam and the only way there is on motorcycles. Instead of being part of the action, Barkley sat down and wrote a report.[4]

His current whereabouts are unknown.

Barkley appears in multiple episodes during Season 1. He occasionally gets a line or two of dialogue, but is never credited for his appearance.


Barkley appears in the following episodes:


  1. Episode 102: "Undertow"
  2. Episode 103: "Dog Gone"
  3. Episode 105: "Career Day"
  4. Episode 106: "Baby Food"