Arthur Grossman

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Arthur Lee Grossman
Actor Paul Linke
Appears in Seasons 1 through 6 ("Highway Robbery" to "Return of the Brat Patrol")
Call Numbers 7 Mary 5 (7 Mary 9 in Season 6)
Badge Number unknown

Arthur Grossman (aka Grossie) is a motorcycle officer assigned to the Central division of the CHP in Los Angeles.[1] He wanted to be a policeman all his life.[2] He is a feature writer for the magazine The Highway Patrolman.[3]

He is married to Carol, who is taking night classes on "Assertiveness Training".[2]

According to Grossman (and his family album), he has always been overweight, including his time in the service and just before he got married.[2]

Grossman is an expert in the rules of roller hockey. He is a struggling stand-up comic.[4] He enjoys playing chess and would have won the CHP tournament if he didn't knock over the board.[5] Once, he coached the CHP Central basketball team.[6]

He was hospitalized after being attacked by a tow truck while on duty,[7] suffering from shock, as well as crashing while chasing an Edsel and suffering a broken jaw.

As of 1999, Grossman is a detective for the California Highway Patrol.[8]


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