Andy Stratowski

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Andrew Stratowski
Actor Robert Viharo
Appears in Season 4's "Sick Leave"
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Andy dropping off his son Chris as seen in "Sick Leave"

Andrew Jackson "Andy" Stratowski (August 14, 1942 - 1980) is a former Army Officer, motorcycle officer, police academy instructor, office worker, he was recently promoted to lieutenant at California Highway Patrol a few months ago, where he had temporarily served as the new watch commander on the day shift at Central, he actually does hate fraternities, including sororities that are often playing pranks at UCLA during the start of going to college each year, he start having a serious of episodic dyscontrol symptoms in which had finally caused him to collapse of a heart attack in the office, he was taken away to UCLA Medical Center by ambulance, he was finally diagnosed brain tumor after a complete brain scan, he had recently started struggling with blindness because of daily problems with severe headaches while on duty in a patrol car, that same day he had became a hero by managing to keep pursuit of 1970 Plymouth Belvedere in sublime green with a two fraternity brothers, including two sorority sisters that were trying to drag race the other fraternity in pursuit of stolen items, the pursuit had ended shortly after the car had accidentally flipped over into the Los Angeles River Bend, he had arrived at the accident scene just in time with the help from officer Francis Poncherello, including officer Jonathan Baker in order to make an effort to help rescue Zoe before the car had a chance to explode, and he holding her in his own arms when the car had finally exploded now shooting a large piece of glass into his back in which had accidentally killed him in the line of duty.

Personal Life

Episodic Dyscontrol Syndrome

When Andy had finally receive his discharged from the Army back in the spring of 1965, he had decided to enroll in the police academy shortly afterwards where he met his feature partner in crime Joseph Getraer that is now currently the Sargent on the day shift, including book-smart Harold Bates that has recently been promoted to Captain, and former colleague Thomas Cory, Sr. who was busted for running an auto theft ring back in the winter of 1977. After Andy had recently graduated from the police academy, he had started out in patrol car during the summer of that same year, he would eventually decide to complete a riding course at motor school in order to become a motorcycle officer, he was partnered with Getraer, and had gotten himself involved in a serious motorcycle accident in the line of duty. Andy had decided to take an assignment in personnel at the Sacramento office before moving back to Los Angeles in order to an instructor at the police academy, and would going back to patrol car. He would eventually became a sargent on third shift. Andy is currently divorced from his wife, he is the father of Chris Stratowski who was a freshmen at UCLA, and happens to own a beautiful 1979 Ford Mustang in bright red. Andy had just recently started having a large amounts of headaches, including mood swings. He was misdiagnosed at UCLA Medical Center with Episodic Dyscontrol Syndrome, which causes his behavioral patterns to change quite dramatically and places him at risk of endangering the safety of his colleagues while out on patrol. Andy was on lunch break at the Diary Queen and witnessed two rival college students that were hired to steal the dean's car from the UCLA parking lot as part of a prank. He drove recklessly and accidentally caused Ponch to fly off a motorcycle on a embankment, and endangered the safety of Jon during a police pursuit.