Andy Stratowski

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Andrew Stratowski
Actor Robert Viharo
Appears in Season 4's "Sick Leave"
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Andy dropping off his son Chris as seen in "Sick Leave"

Andrew "Andy" Stratowski is actually former Army Officer, he is currently the new lieutenant watch commander at California High Patrol during first shift at Central, he had graduated from the academy back in the spring of 1965 along with his former partner Joe Getraer who is now a Sargent, including book smart Harold Bates that has recently been promoted to Captain, and former colleague Tom Cory, Sr. who was busted for running an auto theft ring back in the winter of 1977. Andy had started out in patrol car in the summer of that same year, he would eventually decided complete a riding course at motor school in order to become a motorcycle officer, he was eventually involved in a serious motorcycle accident in the line of duty, he had decided to an assignment in personal at the Sacramento office before going back to patrol car, and he would eventually became a Sargent on third shift. Andy is currently divorced from his wife, he is actually the father of Chris Stratowski that is recently a freshmen at UCLA, and happens to own a beautiful 1979 Ford Mustang in bright red. Andy had just recently started having a large amounts of headaches, he was misdiagnosed with Episodic Dyscontrol Syndrome, and caused his behavioral pattern to change quite dramatically.

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