“CHiPs” Chat Transcript – September 15, 1998

The following is a transcript of a September 15, 1998 chat on “CHiPs” Online with Larry Wilcox (Jon Baker) and Randy Torno (Associate Producer of “CHiPs”)

(Sorry, the first few minutes of the chat are unavailable in this transcript.)

[Guest88156] randy, is the music similiar to the old show?
[Larry] Yeah 17 days to shoot and the Director, John Cassar was hummin. But in the end, I believe the show suffers a bit because of it.
[Turtle] Just an opinion.
[stretch] Nothing you can do about it at this point?
[Baricza] Please don’t say that Mr. Wilcox
[stretch] I’m sure it is still good, though.
[Larry] Family is great. Two young boys about to start soccer. They have little Kawasakis and I have two new Beemers…..Cool. Working on two new productions we should talk about when you have time. Also, check out my web sites at larrywilcox.com and chips-99.com
[sunnesml] just for anyone’s info Erik estrada was just a guest star on “Cousin Skeeter” =) half an hour ago =) LOL
[stretch] I love your website at larrywilcox.com
[RandyT] I’ll email you and we can talk ok?
[meremo] Cool site, Mr. Wilcox!
[Larry] No the music will be different but will include flashbacks with old music and old look.
[leek] Larry, will we be able to read about you in any national forum (print variety?)
[Turtle] Mmmmmm Beemers. I can only dream. sigh
[Wildcat] I will definitely have to check out those sites.
[stretch] Do the real CHP”
[Guest88156] So how about the music larry?!?
[kateb] Oh i`ll be there!!!!!
[stretch] ‘s use BMW’S?
[stretch] Larry, were you into computer technology when you were doing CHiPs back then?
[Larry] Ok Randy.
[Turtle] How come in (I think it was) The Naked Gun Ponch called Jon “Larry”? Was it The Naked Gun? or some other spoofmovie?
[sunnesml] the kids have my brains fried is all =)
[Wildcat] Thats ok
[Larry] Hey everyone….Glad to hear my partner E E is working. He loves the business and I hope he gets cuddos, kudos and awards and all that stuff. He is a funny dude!
[kateb] National Lampoon`s Loaded Weapon
[Turtle] oh thanks kateb – my mistake
[rickster] and how did you get your bikes up the stairs ?? 🙂
[Guest49623] Mr. Wilcox, hi it is Cristine! I was listening to your Stein Online chat but I wasn’t able to chat because I don’t have compuserve. Could I ask my question now?
[kateb] I just rented it last week:)
[meremo] Turtle, was it because they weren’t licensed to use the character names?
[sunnesml] I would never have seen it but my son loves Nickelodeon and it was him winning out on cousin skeeter
[Turtle] Oh wow. Legal stuff like that? How weird
[sunnesml] Mr. wilcox I have to say my favorite part of yours was the guest spot on Matlock
[meremo] : )
[Larry] Yeah, Beemers…I have the new Cruiser and the new K1200 Sport Tour Bike…a real hot rod. Then I just got the All American Car….beats all the German wannbe crap…..SALEEN Mustang…500 HP…..Watch out little Porsche heads!
[Turtle] sigh. I ride (currently) a Suzuki TS185
[rickster] as a GM fan, i won’t comment on your choice of cars, LArry 🙂
[Larry] Sure…shoot the question…maybe Randy will know better than I will but shoot.
[Turtle] I like the trail bikes – I ‘m a little 5’3″ dudette
[meremo] I just learned to ride…and I don’t even have a bike of my own yet, so don’t feel bad, Turtle!
[Larry] They were probably not lisc to use name face or likeness which would include us in uniform in Loaded Weapon, but it was OK
[Baricza] I live in Flint and I rather have a ford
[Guest49623] Ok here it goes: Was it difficult for everybody to say good-bye at the end of filming the movie?
[rickster] your loss, Baricza 🙂
[Turtle] meremo – I’m on my 4th bike. Sold two – smashed one. D’oh. That was my fave too – a Honda XL100 – nuthin’ like it.
[kateb] Be nice Rickster 🙂 🙂
[Larry] Matlock was fun. I enjoyed the Murder She Wrotes because each time I was able to be a “different” character. Also really enjoyed The Dirty Dozen with Lee Marvin.
[stretch] So you think Wyoming is lonely and cold ,do ya? Well, you’re right! LOL!
[BruceM] stretch – Real CHP is still testing BMWs and in a couple of months Special Projects in West Sacramento will begin the evaluation. The report may come out early next year and they may decide what to do for next fiscal year. Harley dropped out. But Kawasaki could hang in there even though they’re not as good if they sweeten their guaranteed buy back offer.
[Larry] Turtle…sorry about your bike!
[sunnesml] wish I couls say i have seen that but I haven’ …LOL…would probably depress me…Dirty dozen that is =)
[Wildcat] Seen it and taped it
[Turtle] Hey Larry – do you have a huge lag? or are ya just trying to catch up with every single question? (How sweet)
[Larry] rickster….I have always been a GM fan also, but the 500 HP Mustang kills ALL. 3 straight years as SCCA Champ
[stretch] I love the look of the Kawasaki’s they used back then. They were so cool!
[sunnesml] i think he’s playing catchup i know i’m lost myself =)
[kateb] Larry..if I was to E-mail you ..would you actually have time to answer me????
[stretch] I think he’s getting too many questions.
[Turtle] Thanks, Larry – it’s Murphy’s law I think – ya smash the bike ya really love.
[Turtle] CAn you pick up one of those Beemers if you drop one?
[meremo] Turtle: I learned on a Honda 600. Haven’t wrecked yet, although, first time out (a couple of months ago) I tipped over!!!
[leek] Randy, ever pull any pranks on Larry?
[Larry] BMW buy back makes the deal. They have been having lots of problems with the budgets of maint for the Kawasakis according to the Commis!
[meremo] Caught the road with my elbow…OUCH!!!! (I’m a dudette, too!)
[RandyT] Larry … do you have one episode that stands out in your mind?
[Turtle] meremo: wow. we have a law here in Australia – Learners and Probationary riders (1st 3 years) restricted to 250cc and less.
[sunnesml] well I guess it looks like i’m the only one whose never been on a bike…matter of fact i fell off my old two wheeler last time i tried =)
[Larry] Sure…post e mails or msg on my forum page at Larrywilcox.com OR…..join our chats. Patrick does a great job here though! He started it all on the net….smart dude.
[meremo] Luckily, I wasn’t on the “real road.” It was my first day driving! I was in a HUGE parking lot! : )
[Wildcat] No, I have never been on a bike either
[Larry] No, I cannot pick it up alone. Dropped it a couple of time…….unfortunately in front of a bunch of CHP
[Guest49623] No, Sue I never been on a motorcycle myself
[Turtle] hehehehe now you know why I like the little trail bikes.
[sunnesml] thanks wildcat ..now I don’t feel so bad =)
[Larry] Probably pulled a few pranks on Randy…..whoa…we had fun…wild and wolly.
[BruceM] BMW maintenance is superior to Kawasaki and motor officers seem to like it better. But Kawasaki might sweeten the deal to hang onto CHP as its prestige customer. Here in Santa Clara county, the Sheriff’s Deputies use K1000Ps and two years from now could switch.
[rickster] get your hands on the Camaro ZL1 Larry…she’s rare, but came out a few years ago….585 hp………don’t know if it still exists though.
[Wildcat] I was feeling kinda left out myself
[stretch] thanks.
[Guest49623] Larry, here’s my question: Was it difficult for everbody to say good-bye at the end of filming the movie?
[stretch] Larry, do you get along with Erik okay these days?
[kateb] give me the new Firebird Ram Air anyday over the Camaro…Rickster!!!
[Larry] Episodes that stand out in my mind????Well the one with Erik Singing was wild, arcane! The roller disco was very 70s. The one where I had to tell a parent and child their father had just been killed in an accident was very memorable and sad. The ones I directed were fun but when I look back terrible.
[stretch] Yes, was it difficult to say goodbye at the end of filming?
[sunnesml] nevr say terrible =)…they were and are great shows…i miss shows like that…=)
[meremo] Derek was cute in that one episode! : )
[Wildcat] Oh don’t say that Larry, I loved all the shows.
[kateb] I noticed one of the shows that you directed Larry..and both my sister and I thought it was excellent…
[Larry] Camaro Zl1….I will check it out….Camaros are always pulling up and wanting to race.
[RandyT] I think my favorites were the roller disco, and the one with Milton Berle where we had to build a piec of the PCH down in San Pedro
[rickster> do you race your Saleen at the quarter mile tracks, Larry ??
[Larry] Yeah, it was difficult to say goodbye. Everyone felt like they were meeting their old girlfriend, and then…poof, it was over and we had to say goodbye and maybe forever. Although I think the ratings will be so great the show will blastoff and maybe more 2 hour movies or a new updated series. Who knows.
[BruceM] It ain’t necessary to be so damn humble – You and Erik melded into a great team on screen. CHiPs is the best action adventure with humor show!
[kateb] I agree with BruceM
[Wildcat] me too
[viperwarrior] LW is that you?
[BruceM] Go CHiPs2000!
[Larry] Randy…yeah Milton was special. We really had some cool guest stars.
[Larry] I am talking about racing saleen with their scca race team. 170 mph.
[kateb] If you guys start doing series again, Ill have to buy tones of tapes so that I can tape them
[Larry] Thanks Bruce. I appreciate your perspective.
[Larry] tis me viper….how is the HOMEWORK?
[sunnesml] I would definately love to see more movies…
Larry did you perform your own stunts in CHiPs 99
Hi Larry
[BruceM] The Chicago detective and the Mountie in Due South are the closest to JONPONCH as a team that I’ve seen.
[RandyT] for the person that asked earlier… Larry and Erik were both excellent at looping but hated doing it and would always hide from me and stall untill the last possible moment … remember the infamous looping trailer Larry?
[Turtle] Larry: how does it make you feel knowing that little kids all over the world were riding around on bicycles with CHiPs light/sirens, plastic helmets and toy radios, all pretending to be Jon and Ponch. (My brother was Jon only cos he was blonder than me)
[Guest04306] Larry, great to see you’re here! My sister-in-law was totally in love with you!
[Larry] Did the stunt on top the speeding bus. I was cabled off so if I fell during the high speed chase I would only dangle on the side of the bus. It was scarry but the scene turned out great
[kateb] When I tell my sister that I was chatting here with Larry Wicox..she`ll kill me for not getting her here!
[Wildcat] I wish that I friends that liked CHiPs like I do. They all make fun of me.
[Guest88156] Is there a NEW CHiPs musical theme?
[Larry] Randy…did some more looping the other day. I had fun, doing 3 and four speeches all together in one loop. Blew em away in post.
[sunnesml] my husband thinks I;’m nuts LOL
[sunnesml] i understand completely wildcat
[RandyT] you were the best
[BruceM] Wildcat – plenty of friendlies here
[Wildcat] At least somebody does.
[Wildcat] Thanks BruceM
[Larry] Yeah, knowing that kids saw me and are now my boss at the studios is COOL and weird. Went to Annapolis last year and they went bug nuts over chips and JON. It is weird sometimes, but I am very grateful.
[Guest88156] That was a message for Randy or Larry
[sunnesml] i know i was nuts over erik and larry when the rest of the high school wa on a matt dillon craze LOL
[Larry] Yes a new musical theme but I have not heard it yet.
[meremo] Me too sunnesml!
[sunnesml] All I know is October can’t get here fast enough for me =)
[Wildcat] I second that
[Larry] Just finished producing a piece, Lil CHP for kids. Trying to sell it as a pilot for tv.
[sunnesml] been way to long since there’s been anything I’ve wanted to watch on tv
Hi Larry it’s the Southern Belle from you know where…..
How many bikes and cars got ruined in the new movie….did it keep with CHiPs tradition?
[meremo] One month & 12 days…I think! : )
[RandyT] did the group know that the composer on season 2 through the end is one of the most famous composers in Hollywood now?? he has done all of Robert Zemeckis’ films including Forest Gump
[kateb] Larry..you and Eric had such a good impact on the kids that watched your show…you should be really proud..I wish that when I have kids they would have a descent show like we did to grow up watching
[sunnesml] Hey Mr. Wilcox maybe I can’t get my kids into it…got to steer then in the right direction of good entertainment 😉
[viperwarrior] try nick at night…
[Larry] Randy…..”we” know you were the best……”patience”! thanks for putting up with me!
[Georgia] My kids are totally into Chips at just the mere ages of three and nine
[sunnesml] =)…mine are 3 and 2 just working on it =)
[Larry] Randy…who was the composer?
Great Sue I tried to catch you and Larry at his web late as usual
[BruceM] ditto to kaleb’s remark. I’ve met CHP Officers that were influenced by CHiPs and JONPONCH to apply to the Academy.
[Turtle] Yeah – like some NASA dudes who were influenced by Star Trek
[RandyT] Alan Silvestri he started when Cy came on and is now absolutely huge
[SueBoston] Larry, I think Jon being married is great! Who’s Mrs. Baker? 🙂
[sunnesml] well I missed that part of the chat I think =)
[Wildcat] so did I
[sunnesml] who was the lucky girl?
[Larry] Well, I better check out. thanks Patrick for allowing me in and thank you Randy for some great memories. E mail me and we should “do lunch”. A lot going on with other companies, especially technology.
[Georgia] Bye Larry…
[sunnesml] so long =)
[RandyT] I’ll email you Larry … so long
[kateb] bye Larry!
[Baricza] later Mr. Wilcox
[viperwarrior] Bye LW.
[Wildcat] Bye Larry. It was great having you on here
[Turtle] Bye Larry 0 thanks for your time
[sunnesml] SunnySmiles your way =) =)
[BruceM] Cheers, Mr Wilcox
[Guest02628] This is Cristine, bye bye Larry Thanks for chatting
[Wildcat] love ya
[Guest88156] Larry are you interested in seeing scripts for movie concepts
[IUB] thanks for being there when i was a kid
[Turtle] i second that.
me to
[kateb] I’ll third that!
[Larry] Mrs Baker is a cute Blonde not unlike Randy. You will see, Photographs well.
[rickster] nice chatting with ya, Larry
[viperwarrior] is she a CHP officer too Larry?
[Turtle] thanks for being a hero to a 10 year old with a bicycle and a CHiPs light/siren
[SueBoston] Bye Larry take care
[leek] later dude
[Wildcat] Hope to chat with you some other time
[Larry] Oh, one more thing….check out all the photos on the chips-99.com site of the new show. I will have more for you later but its fun.
[sunnesml] =)…he’s never going to get a chance to get off LOL =)
[Wildcat] If he does then that means i will go study and I don’t want to
[Wildcat] but I guess I will
[SueBoston] I hope they didn’t dare hire another actress to play Bonnie! 🙂
[sunnesml] LOL…he’s too nice trying to catch up to all the questions =)
[kateb] he`s gone…sniff sniff:-(
[Turtle] what a sweetie. 🙂
[sunnesml] i hope not…that stuff never works
[viperwarrior] Yeah, I hope at least she plays another character!
[Turtle] this is where we all go too, huh?
[Guest88156] Hey Randy, do you think TNT will pick up a New series?
[Guest02628] Larry’s gone! oh, no! He was so nice to answer questions
[RandyT] thats anybodies guess
[Wildcat] I guess, but at least I have found some CHiPs friends
[Turtle] sigh. all this talk of a new movie – I wonder if it will ever get to Australia
[BruceM] Amazing! He’s as agile as a dophin in the middle of a school of sharks.
[meremo] Write your letters the night of the 27th!!!!!
[kateb] were we that bad?????
[BruceM] No kaleb – he was that good!
[Guest02628] We still have Randy T here!
[kateb] I agree!!!
[Wildcat] Bye everyone. Have a nice evening.
[sunnesml] so we get to pick your brains now randy =)
[Turtle] I s there a plan to distribute the movie overseas? I suppose it depends on a local company wanting to pick it up.
[sunnesml] remeber you are not alone =0) LOL
[Wildcat] I will remember that Thanks sunnesml
[meremo] Randy, it’s so nice of you to be with us! What’s your fondest CHiPs memory?
[RandyT] The orangutans
[meremo] : )
[stretch] Oh god!
[sunnesml] so Randy was it more fun now or then?
[stretch] Why the orangutans?
[BruceM] Riding on Ponch’s back and watching the guy walk into a pole while staring LOL
[stretch] That sixth season just wasn’t the same.
[RandyT] its a long story but Bobby Barosini and I became great friends since it was my job to find an orangutan that could act and i located them working in Vegas
[RandyT] thers a good reason for the 6th season being different
[stretch] Yeah. No Larry Wilcox!
[sunnesml] i think it’s hard for any show to pick up after losing a major character
[Baricza] whys that
[meremo] AMEN!!!
[RandyT] the whole producing team also changed (except for me) and that included writers so the stories were not the same
[meremo] SPACE SHIPS??????
[stretch] It wasn’t EVEN the same show
[sunnesml] well I have to admit i did enjoy the last season
[RandyT] yeah that one was written by our production manager
[stretch] Not me. Sorry Randy.
[sunnesml] was that the same orangutan in the country western episode
[sunnesml] or one of them
[RandyT] yep and in Every Which Way But Loose
[BruceM] In season six, it seems the writers ignored any advice from CHP and went wild
[sunnesml] Loved that movie LOL
[Baricza] yes they did
[sunnesml] that’s entertainment LOL
[leek] Randy, what’s next on your schedule?
[meremo] Yep, Bruce…A probationary chippie riding alone?
[Guest88156] Randy, what casting company was used for CHiPs 99?
[stretch] Randy, did you have any say over the writing of scripys?
[stretch] scripts, I mean?
[RandyT] I made comments on the scripts as they came in but by then the stories had already been decided
[BruceM] you got it meremo – also doing duty with sworn wihile still a Cadet
[meremo] So true!!!
[RandyT] I dont know anything about -99 … didn’t work on it
[sunnesml] Face it he was nice to look at LOL
[stretch] Who was nice to look at?
[stretch] Oh, Bruce?
[RandyT] I was responsible for getting Penhall on the show
[sunnesml] Bruce penhall
[stretch] He was good, but looked like a teenager.
[sunnesml] he almost was wasn’t he randy?
[stretch] Too young to be a cop.
[sunnesml] i mean he was only twentysomething
[meremo] It’ll be interesting to see him “all grown up” : )
[Baricza] yes it will
[Guest88156] Randy, are you interested in viewing scripts of new concepts?
[meremo] There’s a pic on larry’s site!
[sunnesml] =)…i know..everyone for that matter
[RandyT] no he was about 25 when he started… and I saw him recently and he doesn’t look any different now
[stretch] At least his acting was better then “Bobby’s”!!
[sunnesml] I think Larry has definately aged well…i think he looks better now than he did then
[BruceM] Bruce Nelson was within limits for the Academy – 21 to 31
[stretch] Well, he still seemed to young.
[sunnesml] I have to admit I wasn’t too keen on Bobby
[stretch] Bobby was terrible.
[stretch] Sorry.
[BruceM] let’s not talk about Booby and spoil things
[RandyT] he was 5 times world speedway bike champion when he started on the show
[RandyT] haha
[stretch] good idea.
[BruceM] Bobby not Booby
[sunnesml] i think i may have seen him once announcing on a sprots channel years ago but that was it
[stretch] Yes, but that didn’t help in the looks and maturity department.
[Baricza] I think he ment Booby
[Guest88156] Randy, did you use CHP officers as technical advisers on the show?
[RandyT] we used the same one for the run of the show
[stretch] Did Larry and Jon go through some kind of academy training to know the police techniques?
[RandyT] they were show the techniques required for each scene but didn’t go through any formal training… this was CHiPs after all not Private Ryan
[stretch] Yeah, but they seemed to really know all the movements and mannerisms so well.
[stretch] I guess that’s why they call it acting!
[Guest69220] dk, “was anyone seriously injured on the show
[RandyT] our tech advisor was sgt. Dave McDanell of the west hollywood CHP office… he was on permanent duty with the show and he knew his stuff
[sunnesml] what are you working on Now Randy?
[stretch] What is Robert Pine like?
[sunnesml] anything you think might interest us
[Guest88156] Randy, what are you working on these days?
[RandyT] there were several injuries that the public never learned about …. it was a very heavy stunt show and they didn’t always go exactly as planned but we never lost anybody
[sunnesml] now Robert was nice to look at to….come to think of it =)
[meremo] Robert Pine is awesome…a real gentleman!!! Very nice to fans!
[stretch] Bear was ripped. Did you see him in that episode with his shirt off?
[RandyT] Pine is the best … a really great guy
[sunnesml] sorry had to say it…they work ell together too I think Larry and robert
[stretch] Whoa!
[sunnesml] they were great in Matlock together
[stretch] Randy, who else besides Erik was injured?
[RandyT] mostly stunt people but everybody got bumped around some it was a very physical show
[sunnesml] well everyone it has been really REALLY great …looking forward to the next chat but I am done for I think
[RandyT] I have a picture coming out this fall on Paramount home video called RoboWarriors
[BruceM] Considering there was no computer re-imaging, I’m still impressed how well the stunts were set up and executed. Sure sometimes you can see the ramps. But the action flowed so well.
[stretch] Do any CHiPs outtakes exist? I bet they are hysterical.
[RandyT] we had reels of outakes evry season that i put together for the wrap party but I have no idea where they are
[stretch] I bet you could sell a lot of video tapes of that if you could find them!!!!
[RandyT] theres some definitely emberassing stuff on there
[BruceM] especially with the rumored JONPONCH pranks
[stretch] I’ll bet!
[stretch] Can you tell us of any pranks?
[RandyT] most of them aren’t for public consumption !!!!!
[BruceM] that randy huh?
[RandyT] we had some fun times
[stretch] I read that Larry used to sing in a hillbilly type voice to crack people up. Is that true?
[RandyT] yeah and he’s not bad either
[stretch] Hey, he’s from Wyoming! He’s gotta be good!
[RandyT] yep a true cowboy
[BruceM] naahhh – he’s from San Diego
[stretch] Only born there. Raised in WY!
[RandyT] correct raised on a ranch
[BruceM] yup – raised in WY but rose in CA
[stretch] ranch in WY
[stretch] Hey Rawlins is a rough town too!
[BruceM] it’s in his bio on his site
[Guest69220] dk “does he have an address to write to”
[BruceM] go to www.larrywilcox.com and click on forum
[stretch] He was born in CA, but his mom moved the family to WY when he was a baby. To a ranch.
[stretch] He says Wyo. is too cold and lonely for him though. I live here and he is right in a way.
[Guest69220] dk says, “does Erik have an address too”
[stretch] Yep.11288 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604
[BruceM] he’s getting a site but it’s not up yet. check the Estrada chat transcript when he was on aol – there’s link on the home page here at CHiPs Online
[Guest69220] dk “you guys are great. I grew up watching the show and love watching the reruns”
[RandyT] i have to go folks /// it’s been fun
[stretch] Hey Randy, are we wearing you out yet?
[BruceM] thanks RandyT
[RandyT] bye
[stretch] Bye. Thanks for answering our questions.
Randy, what is CY Chermak doing these days?
[RandyT] retired
[meremo] Thanks Randy!
[RandyT] so long
[stretch] bye Randy!
[Guest88156] thanks randy….randy do you have an e-mail address to send questions too?
[stretch] It’s been fun! See everyone later! Bye!
Thanks to Randy Torno for providing the transcript.