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  Erik Estrada - My Road from Harlem to Hollywood

In this startlingly honest tell-all autobiography, Erik Estrada reveals how he journeyed from the mean streets of East Harlem to the even meaner boulevards of Hollywood, where he became television's hottest star in the hit series "CHiPs".

Amazon.com (Paperback)

Wattaya Mean, Men Don't Care?
A Collection of Poetry "Men Making True Confessions"

by Lewis Saunders

Lewis Saunders, better known to "CHiPs" fans as Gene Fritz, has written a book of poetry of "Men Making True Confessions." Whattya Mean Men Don't Care is a book of poetry about love and loss of love based on inter viewing men over a period of a year and a half.

Amazon.com (Paperback)

Time Flies When You're Alive : A Real-Life Love Story
by Paul Linke

Paul Linke recounts his marriage to Francesca Draper, their joy in becoming parents, his wife's courageous two-year battle with breast cancer, and the decision to have a child that cost her life.

Amazon.com (Hardcover)

  "CHiPs" Season Two 1978-79 (Volume 1)

  1. Main Title (Parker, arr. Silvestri) 1:18
  2. Peaks and Valleys 3:52
  3. Family Crisis 5:41
  4. Disaster Squad 6:19
  5. Neighborhood Watch 3:33
  6. High Flyer 6:15
  7. Trick or Treat (Bruce Broughton) 5:56
  8. The Grudge 5:12
  9. The Sheik 5:44
  10. Return of the Turks 5:37
  11. Supercycle 2:45
  12. High Explosive 4:46
  13. Down Time 2:48
  14. Repo Man 2:12
  15. Mait Team 4:03
  16. Pressure Point 2:43
  17. Rally 'Round the Bank 2:24
  18. Matchmakers 2:39
  19. Ponch's Disco (From "Peaks and Valleys") 3:59
  20. End Credits (Parker, arr. Silvestri) :26

Amazon.com (Audio CD)

Television's Greatest Hits: Volume 6 - Remote Control

Pick the TV themes you loved from the 1980's and you're bound to find most of them here. Everything from TJ Hooker to Airwolf, Hunter to Night Court, and - of course - "CHiPs"! The "CHiPs" theme on this CD/cassette/LP is the version from the classic first season. This is a great CD to stick on shuffle in your car or during a party...and it's a must for radio DJs!

Amazon.com (Audio CD)

Placido Domingo: A Love Until The End of Time

Laura Branigan sang Lee Holdridge's "A Love Until The End of Time" for the episode "Head Over Heels", but that song was never released. However, Placido Domingo and Maureen McGovern have sung the song as a duet and it is available on CD.


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