Episode Guide: Season 5: Anything But The Truth
506 - Anything But The Truth

Original Airdate: 8-Nov-1981

Plot: While Jon and Steve are out on (now illegal) 3-wheel ATC's, a woman hitches a ride and witnesses a robbery/rape. Later, Baricza finds the witness out on the highway looking for another ride. She gives him a different story than everyone else. Out on the streets, the guy who terrorized the woman earlier rams a car and is about to do the same thing to another woman when Turner shows up. He manages to get away by driving under a parked tractor trailer, chopping the top off of his car. That night, Jon picks up his date, Marcie, who is the same woman that is the hitch-hiking liar. (Plot point!) The next day, Marcie has to go to a self defense class to get out of the ticket and she makes up some lame story to cancel a date with Jon. That night, Jon assists Bonnie and Steve in the self-defense class. When Jon spots her, she says she was caught speeding...but Bonnie then scolds her on hitch-hiking within earshot of Jon. Doh! Then she shows Jon the picture of the guy she drew. She says she was bumped and a victim. When she tells the story to Getraer, everything is contradicting everything else.
Later, Jon and Steve double date on ATC's. Marcie says she's an expert but she loses control of her ATC and it flies off a cliff after Jon pulls her off. Back on duty, Getraer tells Jon that Marcie is a compulsive liar. Out on the streets, the nut who rams cars hits a woman a little too hard and she gets knocked out and a truck hits her car. The nut drives off and steals another car while being chased by Jon and Steve. The guy looks just like Marcie's drawing. Jon gets Marcie to come in and tell the whole story. When Jon and Steve go to arrest the guy, he tries to kill them with a forklift! Steve manages to stop it before it crushes Jon and then they arrest him.
That afternoon, Jon stops by Marcie's and finds out she's moving away for a fresh start. Back on ATC's, Jon and Steve have been stood up and have to ride alone.

Briefing: Unknown (we only saw everyone leave)

Guest Stars: Tara Buckman (as Marcie), Dennis Lipscomb (as Wally), Bruce Jenner (as Steve McLeish), Ken Sansom (as Clerk), Cynthia Leake (as Barbara), Kim Joseph (as Mrs. Williams), Mark Cassela (as Chuck), David Clover (as Investigator)
Written by: Dick Nelson
Directed by: Michael Caffey

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