Episode Guide: Season 4: Dead Man's Riddle
420 - Dead Man's Riddle

Original Airdate: 10-May-1981

Brief Plot: A female psychologist assigned to the Accident Investigation Team fears she may have been responsible for a serious crash. The CHP detectives recreate a puzzling high-speed accident.

Guest Stars: Barney Phillips (as Tammaron), Molly David (as Mrs. Afferton), Barbara Lynn Block (as Miller), Robert O'Reilly (as Ryan), Mel Carter (as Wells), Sam Scorber (as Franklin), Tony Moran (as Anderson), Trent Dolan (as Harper), Jerry Holland (as Yulin), Joanna Kerns (Maggie Seaver from "Growing Pains" as Colleen), Johnny Seven (as Brooks), Owen Bush (as Max Amaral), and Ben Frank (as Capt. Haskell)
Written by: William D. Gordon and James Doherty
Directed by: Michael Caffey


  • After the CHP shows up at the accident scene, Getraer strictly orders everyone to not touch anything until after MAIT does an investigation. He is standing on the inside of one of the burned out cars (as if he is ready to get in it) rapping his fingers on the door. He then walks around the open door, leans against the front fender, and raps his fingers on the front fender as well.

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