Episode Guide: Season 4: Vigilante
419 - Vigilante

Original Airdate: 3-May-1981

Plot: Getraer gets knocked over after an airhorn is blown in his face. This doesn't help his mood. He returns to Central and chews everyone out. Just before the theme, Getraer gets a mysterious phone call. At the briefing, Getraer gets upset at the slightest things. Out on their beats, Ponch and Jon stop for a coffee break. When Ponch gets coffee spilled on him, he has to go back to Central. Ponch overhears his phone conversation about a "freak" bugging his family. He offers to help but Getraer remains upset. That night, Grossie, Bonnie, and the rest of the CHP play "Defender". Meanwhile, the "Community Citizens Patrol" pulls over a doctor and smashes his tail lights. The next day, after the phone company tells Getraer his home phone number has been changed as he requested, his wife notices "FINK" painted on their house. At Central, Sarge gets a box in the mail. When he opens it..."BANG BANG"...a little sign pops up. On patrol, Ponch and Jon swing by Getraer's house to try to figure out what's wrong. Soon, Getraer shows up and the whole story is told. Out on the streets, the CCP tries to pull over a car but cause it to crash into a glass truck. When Ponch and Jon find out that "Gibson" caused the crash, they go talk to him. Later that day, the Getraers move in with Bonnie. Ponch and Jon show up with vanilla ice cream just before a drunk driver Getraer once arrested puts a "FINK" sign outside Bonnie's door. Jon, Getraer, and Ponch chase him in Jon's truck but have to stop when the road is blocked by an accident. Luckily Getraer got the letters and Ponch got the numbers on the plate. Meanwhile, a drunk guy almost hits a boy and a CCP member chases him. When the drunk finally stops and gets out, the CCP tries to run him down claiming, "It was a drunk like you that killed my boy!" When the DMV report comes in, Getraer rushes out to get the guy. Grossie has dispatch call Jon and Ponch for backup. Unfortunately, Getraer gets there first...alone. The drunk escapes out the back and Sarge chases after him to a junkyard. The drunk drops a grenade that makes Sarge tumble off his motorcycle. Soon he's back in the chase and follows Ponch and Jon. Gibson catches up with the drunk and causes him to crash shortly before Ponch and Jon arrive. Jon arrests the drunk while Ponch chases Gibson. Ponch catches Gibson after he falls in a pond. That night, Grossie is getting great scores in "Defender". Everyone (except Grossie) laughs when they realized Harlan rigged it.

Briefing: "Somebody's gotta save the universe." -Ponch (talking about "Defender")

Guest Stars: Michael Cole (from The Mod Squad as Gibson), Brian Libby (as Millard), Mark Thomas (as Ross), Karen Ericson (as Helen), Gwynne Gilford (as Betty Getraer), Arthur Roberts (as Doctor), Jack Stryker (as Watson), Marion Scherer (as Woman in Bar), Bobbi Block (as Vicki), Monica Francine Pege (as Waitress), Amanda Cleveland (as Blonde), Lindsy Kennedy (as Timmy), Dar Robinson (a stuntman who died during the filming of Lethal Weapon as Sports Car Driver)
Written by: Stephen Lord
Directed by: Arnold Laven


  • When Grossie is playing "Defender", he complains he only got "600 lousy points". Apparently Grossie didn't read the right place...according to a previous shot he had over 20,000. (Clearly more than 600!) He had also made it to a higher level...something where you'd probably be with a few more than 600 points.
  • After Grossie stops playing "Defender", the video game loud sounds stop. Baricza must have gotten a game with a broken speaker...he's still playing but we hear nothing.
  • The grenade explosion seemed pretty mild. Shouldn't a weapon of war have caused more destruction?
  • After Getraer spills off his motorcycle because of the grenade, his windshield audibly and visibly breaks. After Ponch and Jon drive off, it's perfect! Those junkyard repairmen are pretty quick!

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