416 - Karate

Original Airdate: 8-Mar-1981

Plot: Ponch and Jon are on patrol in Ponch's old neighborhood when they respond to a call and end up chasing stolen motorbikes. Jon arrests Danny Partridge while Ponch looks for the other one. He finds an old friend, Rivas, who denies seeing anyone. As Ponch rides off, Rivas gets the girl who was riding the motorbike out of a parked car and tells her where to run. After the briefing, Ponch and Jon go looking for more information on the stolen bikes. After they visit a youth center, some kids are trying to break into Ponch's car. Ponch and Jon chase after them in Ponch's car but get pulled over by the LAPD. The officer is a jerk and gives them a hard time. After they threaten the officer, they go looking for the crime boss, Andy Macedon. Meanwhile, Baricza encounters Danny Bonaduce and friends stripping a car. He gets beat up by Danny until he pulls his gun on him and Danny runs off. That night, Baricza is at the youth center with Ponch and Jon looking for Danny. The rest of the CHP is there to show off their talents to the kids. Harlan plays ping pong while Grossie gives chess lessons and Bonnie shows off at gymnastics. Everyone is interested in Ponch's karate lessons and Bonnie's gymnastics. The next day, Ponch and Jon chase a van that fits the description of the one that Baricza encountered. The van rolls over and Danny is arrested while his friend gets away on foot. That night, Ponch is giving Karate lessons when Andy Macedon shows up and picks a fight with Ponch. Ponch refuses to fight and they call it a night. The next day, Rivas is fired and joins Macedon's group. That night, Ponch shows up at Andy Macedon's secret meeting. He has a fight with Andy and beats the crap out of him (after going through some rough treatment himself). The episode ends with people willing to turn him in and prove he's a crook.

Briefing: Crimes against property

Guest Stars: Lewis Van Bergen (as Andy Macedon), Mario Marcelino (as Rivas), Kari Michaelsen (as Teri), Danny Bonaduce (TV's Danny Partridge as Billy), Drew Snyder (as Joshua), George Brenlin (as Attendant), Duane Tucker (as Motor Officer), Dexter Hamlett (as Miguel), Mel Pralgo (as Waiter), James Margolin (as J.J.), Shawn Lieber (as Ray)
Written by: Frank Chase
Directed by: Leslie H. Martinson


Fun Fact:
  • Baricza is the only officer on "CHiPs" who has ever pulled a gun on someone. This is one of the rare times.
  • After Ponch and Jon leave the restaurant, his car sounds different than before.

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