Episode Guide: Season 2: Bio-Rhythms
219 - Bio-Rhythms

Original Airdate: 17-Feb-1979

Brief Plot: Ponch helps a trucker friend (Katherine Cannon) when a gang of hoods threatens her business; guest Tige Andrews.
Plot: Ponch and Jon spot two trucks side-swiping each other on the highway. They cause an accident which Ponch attends to. Jon chases the truck that started it but finds it parked and empty. Ponch's friend Robbie was the truck driver victim.
The next morning, Ponch meets her to go jogging. As he's getting into the shower at her place, her father shows up and chases Ponch out. He has to get dressed outside. He heads to Central where Sindy gives a briefing on bio-rhythms.
The next day, Ponch and Jon are on the highway looking at their biorhythm charts when they spot a drunk driver. They join Baricza in the chase onto a closed highway. The drunk driver goes right off the end of the road and isn't hurt.
Later, Ponch and Jon play handball. Ponch credits his winning to bio-rhythms because Jon is better but he was on a "physical high".
The next day, Robbie meets Ponch and Jon in the parking lot and plans a get-together. On the highway, Ponch tries to convince Jon to play handball against Getraer. Jon's unsure since Getraer is a better player, but Ponch is certain that the bio-rhythms will ensure a victory.
On patrol, they spot Robbie's rig (driven by Sam) on fire. They rush to assist and are joined by Sindy. Jon gets Sam out but he rushes in to save the cab. The gas tank explodes and Sam comes out on fire. Ponch sprays him with a fire extinguisher.
After clearing out the fire, both Ponch and Jon hesitate to tell Charlie and Robbie about the fire that burnt Sam, but they do. They tell them that he could be found in the Burn Unit at Valley General Hospital. Robbie and Charlie rush themselves to the hospital for a visit. Charlie came in alone and said that Sam looked aweful. He also said that it was his fault that Sam got burnt. Just for that, he began to insvestigate alone.
Back in HQ, Ponch and Jon learn from Getraer that the Fire Department Arson Unit is investagating it since personal injury was involved. And we learn that Sam is in stable condition. Then, Ponch has the idea of challenging Jon in a handball tournament Thursday night (he's even willing to bet a dollar that Jon could beat Getraer). Getraer is surprised and accepts the challenge and bets five dollars on himself.
Then, Robbie calls Ponch at 4:30 in the morning to come over at her place since she was worried because her dad was out. So Ponch puts out an APB to take care of it.
We return back just at the close of the briefing on Thursday. Ponch tells Jon to be careful and that Ponch has him covered, since Ponch had all that money bet against him for the handball game that night. He wanted to make sumre that Jon would win. Then he turns to Sindy to talk about Bio-Rhythms. Sindy also places a bet of $5 on Getraer on the handball game.
We then switch to see what Charlie is up to. He's talking to friends about the fire that caused Sam's burns. One of his friends say that perhaps Murray Thomas was involved. At the same time, Robbie is on the process to deliver a load, and uses the truck with the bomb in it. Charlie comes up to visit Murray Thomas, and it looks like that they're fighting, and Charlie won it.
Back to the CHP, a bomb in Robbie's trucks is reported. It is said to be heading at 405 Northbound. Ponch and Jon respond to it. They spot the truck. Ponch and Jon tell Robbie about the bomb implanted in the truck that she's driving. She stops it, disconnects the trailer, and drives the truck away without the trailer just in time before it explodes.
We find the CHP in the office where the villains met earlier. The settle a case down with Carl Maddox (after all it was HIS idea for Murray Thomas to implant the bomb).
Then we jump to the handball game that night. And Ponch wishes Jon his best, afterall, Ponch has fifty-seven dollars at stake. He certain that Getraer was on a physical low that day according to the bio-rhythm calculator. But we learn from Sindy that Ponch's calculations were wrong, and that Getraer was on a physical high today (Ponch miscalculated Getraer's birthyear by one year earlier). At the actual game, Getraer wins, and Jon looses the game. And Ponch looses the bet and fifty-seven bucks. Everyone cheers (except Ponch) at the end.

Briefing: Sindy talks on bio-rhythms
Great Quote: "He couldn't understand why Ponch was in my apartment with no clothes on." -Robbie

Guest Stars: Tige Andrews (as Charlie), Katherine Cannon (as Robbie), Steve Brodie (as Sam), Michael Conrad (Hill Street Blues as Karl Maddox), Michael Baseleon (as Murray Thomas), Jeff Maxwell (as Motorist), Bruce Kimball (as Rocky), Georgia Schmidt (as Little Old Lady)
Written by: James Schmerer
Directed by: Don Weis

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