Episode Guide: Season 2: Rally 'Round the Bank
218 - Rally 'Round the Bank

Original Airdate: 3-Feb-1979

Brief Plot: Ponch's mother (Anna Navarro) visits as he investigates a series of bank robberies; guest Markie Post.
Plot: When two robbers rob a bank at the drive thru window, Ponch, Jon, and Baricza chase after them. After the robbers get away, they remove the flame decals from their sports car and head off to a rally. Meanwhile, Ponch calls Sarge and finds out that his mom is coming! He immediately calls up a furniture rental company and has furniture delivered to his empty apartment. He and Jon arrive at the airport late and park in a no parking zone. After meeting his mom, Ponch brings his mom to his newly decorated apartment. The next day, Ponch and Jon have lunch with Getraer and then some rally drivers. They head out and, assisted by Sindy, attempt to catch the bank robbers again. After losing the robbers, they go check out the rally checkpoint for the robbers. Later, Ponch and his mother discuss old times. She makes him feel guilty about moving away. Back at Central, Ponch and Jon get lectured by Getraer about being "given the slip" by "those jokers". Meanwhile, the robbers pull off another bank job. Ponch and Jon lose them after they sneak under another low clearance. That night, Ponch brings his girlfriend to a disco square-dance. (It can't be described in words.) Getraer isn't into it, but Grossie and Ponch's mom watch on. When Ponch tells his mom how the robbers are using the rally as a cover, she suggests staking out banks along the next day's route. When they do so, Ponch, Jon, and Getraer all end up chasing the robbers after Sindy tends to an accident. Ponch and Jon chase them through the flood control channel while Getraer goes around to cut them off. They round the robbers into a side tunnel where the passage gets to narrow and the sports car gets stuck. At the briefing, Ponch gets a safety citation for a year without any accident. They celebrate with a cake Mrs. Poncherello and Grossie made. Ponch says goodbye to his mom in his apartment parking lot just before she gets a ride to the airport in Sindy's cruiser. As Ponch is about to leave, he crashes into the cruiser. Everyone laughs.

Briefing: The commendation of Baker, Baricza, Cahill, and Poncherello and presentation of a safety citation

Guest Stars: Anna Navarro (as Mrs. Poncharello), Frank Ashmore (as Larry Fletcher), Ron Hajek (as Richard Moore), Denise DuBarry (as Sue), Markie Post (from Night Court as Roberta), Linda McCullough (as Janice), Clay Alexander (as Jack), Tiger Joe Marsh (as 1st Mover), Al Stellonne (as 2nd Mover), K.C. Winkler (as Marie Stockwood), Gloria Delaney (as Pam Benson), Karen Specht (as Jessica Bond), Frances Fong (as 1st Teller), Esther McCarroll (as 2nd Teller), Jaime Rogers (as Dancer), Fenton Jones (as Caller)
Written by: Lee H. Grant
Directed by: Barry Crane

Fun Fact:

  • "Poncherello" is spelled wrong in the credits. It's supposed to have two e's and no a's.
  • When the bank robbers pull off the third robbery, something knocks the camera just as the money goes into the car.
  • Getraer didn't bring his wife to the dance? "Um, I have to work late again honey." I wonder if his wife knows where he is.
  • How many days does it take for the rally to go through the L.A. area anyway? They're making slow progress or going in circles.
  • When they stake out the bank parking lot nobody bother's to block the exit to the street? I guess that would have made for a short chase.
  • The flood control channel is straight. It tends to reason that the robbers were driving as fast as possible through it. So how did Getraer manage to go around and end up in front of them...twice?
  • Isn't it lucky that Ponch's mom happened to bring her square dance clothes from Chicago?
  • Why is everyone saying goodbye to Ponch's mom in the parking lot? They're probably all going to the airport.

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