Episode Guide: Season 2: Supercycle
211 - Supercycle

Original Airdate: 2-Dec-1978

Brief Plot: Jon and Ponch pursue the phantom, a daredevil artist who endangers bystanders. A "supercycle" performs illegal stunts on the California freeway and then speeds away. Harlan builds a motorcycle that can match the speed of the "supercycle". Ponch chases the suspect on the CHP cycle, jumps a moving ramp on the freeway, and catches the suspect.

Guest Stars: Jason Evers (as Gesslin), Karen Carlson (as Sheila Evans), George O'Hanlon (as Ray Yarnell)
Written by: Barney Slater, William D. Gordon and James Doherty
Teleplay by: Gordon and Doherty
Directed by: Phil Bondelli


52 readers have rated this episode as 8.26 out of 10.
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