Episode Guide: Season 2: Trick or Trick
206 - Trick or Trick

Original Airdate: 21-Oct-1978

Plot: Ponch and Jon are on patrol on Haloween. They chase a speeding van that was carrying 13 black cats. When it stops, they all ran away in front of Ponch. Before the briefing, Ponch walks under a ladder. Grossie shows up with a jack-o-lantern that's supposed to look like Getraer. After Ponch nicks himself with his electric razor, closes his locker door, and breaks his mirror. After the briefing, Getraer tells Grossie to get a candle for the jack-o-lantern...he has one in his locker. (Do we want to know why?) On the streets, a kid asks Ponch for a treat, but Ponch gets a trick from a perfume filled squirt gun. Ponch threatens toput handcuffs on him. When they pass by a house later on, two men are taking up sod. Ponch and Jon chase and catch them. Later, while Ponch stops at a store to fill his saddlebag with candy, an angry father blames Ponch for making his kid run away when Ponch told him he'd put handcuffs on him. After a hobgoblin broadcast, Ponch and Jon find two women trying to steal a street sign. They convince them to forget about the scavenget hunt and get invited to a party. That night, a woman dressed as a ghost robs a deli and Ponch and Jon chase her. Ponch has to tend to a ghost caused accident and she gets away. Ponch and Jon find a kid who had his candy stolen and Ponch offers them some of his. Later, Ponch and Jon check out the local "haunted" house for the missing kid. After a while, they find him in the kitchen. After a third hobgoblin broadcast, Jon notices a woman stealing candy. They chase her to her house where they find out she's just looking for her engagement ring. Jon finds it in her own candy bowl. Back on the streets, Ponch and Jon chase the ghost again. They catch them when their windshield is egged. At the party, Getraer reveals that he knew everything that was going on because Grossie left an impression on the page under the one he wrote his plans on.

Briefing: Only use the radio for official business.

Guest Stars: Elaine Joyce (as Susan), Fran Ryan (as Nancy), Bobby Van (as Eddie), Edward Call (as Manager), Barbara Leigh (as Paula), Jenny Sherman (as Karen), Hal Baylor (as Reed), John Dennis (as Collins), Joe Medalis (as Mr. Stone), Susan Page (as Julie), Justin Dana (as Tommy), Jack Perkins (as Drunk), Hap Lawrence (as Truck Driver), Gary Dubin (as Teenager), Tony O'Dell (as Teenager), Bobby Porter (as Sammy), Darryl Cooksey (as Skeleton), Jeff Cotler (as Allan), Brandi Tucker (as Child), Beatrice Colen (as Mary)
Written by: James Schmerer
Directed by: Phil Bondelli


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