Episode Guide: Season 2: The Volunteers
202 - The Volunteers

Original Airdate: 23-Sep-1978

Plot: Ponch and Jon join Turner (not Jeb...Jane Turner!) in persuit of a stolen car. It crashes at a chemical storage facility and explodes. Getraer needs volunteers to escort the trucks to the nearest cholorine gas facility. They feel it's too dangerous to store it there. Turner, Ponch, and Jon are on escort duty. Meanwhile, some drunk guys are shooting a gun out of a truck. They pass the truck convoy but manage to cause a major accident up the road. Ponch, Jon, and Turner have to deal with a loose criminal and tiger. They find the criminal (who's just a drunk) and catch the tiger in a convenience store. Instead of waiting, they decide to take the alternate route. They're stopped by a mob of people who don't want the trucks going through their town. After sweet talking the local townsfolk, they drive through town. They have to stop when the road is blocked due to a landslide. Ponch, Jon, and Turner shovel the dirt and rocks away. While Robbie tries to fix her truck, a rock accidentally breaks a valve. While shutting it off, she starts to suffocate. Some hikers tell Ponch that there's oxygen nearby. He rides off on the trail to get it while Jon moves a large rock out of the road with Turner's cruiser. One of the hikers, Robbie, Turner, and the oxygen head towards the hospital. Ponch leaves his motor (with a flat tire) and a hiker behind. Jon drives one of the trucks to replace Robbie. When Jon hits a rock, his trailer comes loose. He can't stop or the trailer might fall off. Ponch sees that the trailer is coming loose. Ponch has to get onboard to fix it. He rides ahead, parks, and jumps on Jon's truck. When Charlie pushes the trailer back on, Ponch locks it in place. Ponch gets a ride back to Jon's motor with a woman. The next day, Ponch arranges a date with Robbie using his secret code and the credits roll.

Briefing: Sarge needs volunteers to escort the trucks (given at the chemical facility)
Great Quote: "...they're even lettin' 'em vote!" -Ponch answering Jon's comment about the woman truck driver

Written by: Arthur Marks
Directed by: John Florea


  • Just before the car explosion in the opening scenes, Ponch and Jon move their motorcycles away from the explosion. Wouldn't it be logical to take the shortest route away from the explosives? They go closer and right in front of the burning car.
  • When the car explosion is filmed in the episode's opening scenes, they must have filmed two different explosions. In the first camera angle we see, there's a sign on the building and smoke marks above the sign. In the second, there are flames coming out of the building from where the sign was. Back to the first, the building looks the same. Back to the second, the sign is gone, it's now a window, and there's smoke above the window (probably caused by the flames shooting out in the second shot.) After the commercial, the whole building is gone.
  • Jon's driving the first truck. When Charlie pushes Jon's trailer back on, there's no third truck (the one with the bigger grill). After it's back on, the third truck is back.

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