Episode Guide: Season 1: Rainy Day
120 - Rainy Day

Original Airdate: 2-Mar-1978

Plot: Two bikers steal a woman's car as it starts to rain. While Ponch and Jon wait for the rain to stop, they see an accident happen. A car involved in the accident catches on fire. Jon puts out the fire and everything turns out okay. After returning to Central, Getraer assigns all the motor officers to cars. After the briefing, Ponch and Jon head out in car 18. On the highway, they encounter a man who was thrown out of a rolling casino. After dropping him off at the hospital, the partners go to talk to the man's wife. Out in the rain again, they stop a man who had an umbrella open out his window. Jon inspects his car and finds a lot of guns hidden all over the place. After impounding $1000 worth of weapons, Ponch and Jon spot the car thieves and chase after them. After the thief on the motorcycle slips, our favorite officers nab the guy. After the afternoon briefing (where Ponch conducts a field trip), we see the gambler grab a rifle and head out to seek revenge. When Ponch's field trip tour is over, Jon gets a call from the gambler's wife. Ponch and Jon head out to find the guy. They spot him north bound on a closed section of the Glendale Freeway. Ponch instructs the motor-home to stop but the gambler in the truck refuses and ends up rolling over. With Baricza help, everyone is arrested. When Ponch and Jon return to Central, they're debating over who should tell Getraer that there's now a dent in his nice, new cruiser. Just as they're about to tell him, Grossie backs into the dent.

Briefing: The car thieves / Ponch's field trip
Great Quote: "Good afternoon, Ponch!" -Twenty little kids

Guest Stars: Herb Edelman (from The Golden Girls as Sanders), Jaqueline Scott (as Ethyl), Johnny Seven (as Dawson), Julie Cobb (as Juliet), David Spielberg (as Herb), Cliff Emmich (as Ned), Dan Magiera (as Cyclist), Mary Cross (as Doctor), Ava Lazar (as Hostess), Kathryn Haddock (as Victim #1), and Tara Fields (as Victim #2)
Written by: Glen Olson & Rod Baker and William D. Gordon & James Doherty
Directed by: Gordon Hessler


  • Before chasing the car thieves, Ponch tells the woman that a patrol car will be along for her. He never calls for one.
  • The siren while Ponch and Jon's patrol car chase the car thieves is that of a motorcycle. The cruisers don't sound the same. The wrong one was probably dubbed in by the sound editor. Later, when they chase the motor-home, we hear the real siren.
  • When we see the casino motor-home drop off some passengers, it looks a lot like they're doing it in the CHP Central parking lot!

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