"CHiPs" Episode Guide
Season 1
22 episodes
Season 2
23 episodes
Season 3
24 episodes
Season 4
21 episodes
Season 5
27 episodes
Season 6
22 episodes
TV Movies
1 episodes

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This guide was created and edited by Patrick Delahanty.
Contributions to the 140 episodes in this guide were submitted from Patrick Delahanty, Scott Merzbach, Jonathan Baker, Phil Bondelli, R. Booth, Heather Cunningham, Cristine Davis, Mike Delahanty, Chris Fontaine, Shawn Fuller, Ellen Gill, Jen Grady, Tom Grady, Tim Lewis, Jeff Liszka, Aaron M., Sue MacNeil, Ken Karpinski, Jay Rubin, Michael Sauers, William Thies, Dean Treadway at TNT, and everyone who has submitted an "Oops".