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"No I'm sorry this isn't a CHiPs convention..... I only answer to Quake topics.Do I look like Jon Baker to you?! That's what I thought!"

"...and finally, I'd like to thank Columbine High for hosting this year's Quake tournament. Let the battle begin!"

Having never received an Emmy award, Larry Wilcox settles for the title of "Quake Master".
   -Ponch and Judy

Hi, my name is John. I've been an alcoholic for 17 years now . . .

Hey, that sure is a neat Quake Skin. "Officer John Baker - Ladies Man" Now where can I find the "Ponch in Drag" skin?

For my next trick, I will sing the theme song from CHiPS...Where is my Casio keyboard?

"...and with the help of ID Software and the CHP, we have started the "Jon Foundation" for destitute Bakers!"
   -Ben Moreno

Hello everybody, I'm Larry and for karoke night, I will start off by singing "New York, New York".

I said no, this is a convention for a game not a new fricking cereal!

"No, the bike isn't mine. Sorry."

. . . -O-S-C-O-P-Y. Sigmoidoscopy.

Is this the CHiPs karoke contest?

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