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Wow, Chris, your mom is HOT!
   -Tim L.

"It's called a 'compact disc'. It'll never catch on."

Hey John, check it out! Grossie's obituary!
   -F. P. Muckley

"Neat postcard, but, who's Tom Reilly?"

Now we got to make sure Bobby NEVER finds out about the ceiling camera

Chuckle: "That's Harlan pinned under the bike!"

"I told you my nosehair trimmer could cut unbelievably close."

That's right, keep smiling. You fix that ticket or I show this picture of you and Betty Getraer to the sergeant.

"Guess which Spice Girl I think is hottest...."

"I love the Cadillac Foxes. I can't believe the car wash had a whole binful of their CD and for only $1.99!"

I know, I know,....but I was young and I needed the money!......Hey, check out those biceps, would ya??
   -L. K. Smith

This photo conclusively explains why one pebble hitting a windshield causes a 24 car pileup
   -Lee H

This CD of Hanson is really great!

Ya know Ponch, I see a zit.. right there oh.. it's a spot on your mirror
   -Sandy Baker

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Yup... that's a shot of my colon! Bet it's bigger than Elvis's!

"Alright! I always wanted the latest Spice Girls CD!"
   -Cheryl B.

"I just love to look at pictures of myself! Look at that hair and those teeth!"
   -Cheryl B.

Gee thanks! Now that brings me up to 1001 AOL disks. A new world's record!

Now! Is that not the BEST apple fritter you've seen in your life! I mean c'mon!

"Yeah. And after I trace this tag, I'll actually know where she lives,too. God bless those redlight cameras!"

"Very good Ponch, that's the last piece of that puzzle ... but where does it fit ..?"

Here is me and Jon at he beach. Man does he look good in a thong!

"Heh heh..... Check out this picture of Bonnie from playboy."

So Ponch, can I put you down for 5 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies?

Wow, I wish my mirror looked like yours, Ponch!

No, I do NOT want another copy of the polyp picture from your colonoscopy. You scare me, man.

Yeah. Britney Spears is better than Christina Aguileria isn't she?

My sister is the cute one.

"That's your sister Ponch? Do you have her phone number?"

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