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   -F. P. Muckley

Did somebody say McDonalds?
   -Tim L.

Whew! Who's been eating beans?

This year's station picnic served an all you can eat buffet of Indian food.

Attention: Dunkin Donuts is having a 2 for 1 special, today only!

Did somebody say there were jobs for washed up actors?!

Ponch's generosity in treating the watch to lunch from the Tico Taco palace has an unexpected effect.

Captain's interrogating the co-ed volleyball team from the nudist colony.

Quick! Everyone inside. Barney's coming!

"You're 'It'!"

It was the usual "Get outside, stand straight as a board, hands to your side and listen to the sarge" talking-to for the officers at CHP central. Suddenly, the phone rang inside...

RUN, The real cops are coming!

After the Sarge finished briefing the troops outside,he quickly shouted,"Last one inside is hosting the 5K Star Race!"

Hurry! Wheel of Fortune starts in two minutes!

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Run for cover! Ponch is flying solo again!

Time for Teletubbies!

Quick! James Cameron is having a casting call for a new cop movie he's directing!

Green light......RED LIGHT!! Alright, Sarge, you're out!

Dear God! The Donut Hole is having a two for one donut sale!!
   -Brandon G

Ponch strolls out of the CHP headquarters late as usual. He chews reflectively on a donut as he reads the notebook that he found on the floor. He looks up at everyone standing in a line and announces that he found Arthur Grossman's list of the secrets each CHP officer is hiding. "Hey, everyone, it's Grossie's Blackmail list"

Dispatch just called out over the radio, "There's one more donut in the breakroom!"
   -Kim D

Okay, first ones in the building get to be in the next reunion movie!

The electric slide . . .


LA Heat is on in 2 minutes! Hurry, or we'll miss seeing the LAPD doing something stupid again!

"Bad boys, bad boys... whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when we run FROM you?

A-Watch! Hurry up or we're going to miss Stories of the Real Highway Patrol!

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