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"Well pardner, this town ain't big enough for the both of us."

"Bruce, keep holding your head down or it will float away like a helium balloon."

A cut scene from one of the early, black and white episodes with Officer John Wayne.

I dunno Ponch... That informant said that Joe Eriff worked in this part of town, but I don't see his office anywhere.
   -Tim L.

Bruce, I don't think we're in LA anymore!

"Sorry, Ponch, but Simon didn't say 'stop patting your head'."

"Scene from Twilight Zone episode where Ponch rescues Billy the Kid from a hanging

Two officers, one bike. Should be a cozy ride back to Central!

I still haven't seen a gas station. How far out of LA are we?

"Maybe Linahan was right. maybe we should have swallowed our pride and asked for directions........"

"Why does that sign say 'Welcome to Missouri'?"

I know Randy said go on a publicity tour to promote the new partner,but THIS is RIDICULOUS!

"Hey,Ponch?Are you sure this is the new station?"

Ponch thought to himself,"If I can ditch this guy out here,I can have both blondes for myself!

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Eeeeccchhh -- hel-met -- eeargh -- too -- aaaaach -- tight -- *gasp*

Oh yeah? Well your horse is pretty funny-looking too!

Jon, you have to take your helmet off before you can scratch your head.

7 Mary 3 and 4, shots fired at OK Corrall. Please respond, Code 3. "Well, partner. I guess that's us."

It's pretty slick how they disguised that massage parlor like the sherrif's office!

Alright, who put superglue in the helmets!!
   -Brandon G

Wowsers! Looks like Doc Brown wasn't kidding when he said not to take the bikes over 88 mph...
   -Doc Evil

"MY BIKE! SOMEBODY STOP MY BIKE!" -Ponch:"WOW, your bike's fast!"

"Ya know, I just figured it out Ponch..." "What's that Bruce?" "Well I had no idea this guy Eriff was a manager for a strip club. Both of us just got applied under our own noses."

"What a wipe-out! Sarge isn't going to like this..."

Mr. Bike loves Ponch, don't ya bikey? Yes, you're nuzzling Ponch's leg, aren't you? I think this bike likes me better than it likes you...

" My head has an OUCHY, Ponch I want my BIG BROTHER ! "

Are you SURE we're in the Old West? Because it sure feels like The Twilight Zone to me.
   -Bill Mumy

I told you to turn left at Sacramento!

"Do you smell brimstone?"

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