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"7 Mary 4, send backup with a pint of Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey!"

"Central, this is Ponch. Can someone come out and clean this bird dropping off my seat?"

" that I have my motor in my apartment, I wonder how I'll get it back outside."

"Attention K-mart shoppers..."

NO Harlan! That didn't fix it. Send the trailer. If I ride this anymore I won't be able to date.

"Yo, Jon! Would you pleez come and move your bike, I can't get in the kitchen!"

Yes, I'm alone now . . . so, what are you wearing?

LA, 7 Mary 4. Just to advise, its dark out, but I'll still wear my sunglasses.
   -Chris Wood

No Sarge, I did NOT ask that driver if she has a license for that taco!
   -Karen M.

No, Mom, I promise I didn't bring the bike inside again (sheeeesh! How does she always know???)
   -maggy maslow

"Am I on the air? Okay, Heloise, how do I get motor oil stains out of my shag carpet?"

I thought those 'Loaded Weapon' people were gonna take care of getting my bike off the second floor!?!

"You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh..."

"Hey! Quit callin' me Mary!"

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I love you John, how do you like my pants?

OK, Sir, that's one Whopper, hold the mayo. You want fries with that?

"I promise you baby that my motorcycle is completely hasn't tipped over yet!"

Did you pick up my burritos?

Do you know the way to San Jose? WHOA, WHOA,WHOA!

{cough, cough) "Man, I swallowed another freakin' gnat!!"

Where is the gas tank on this thing?

I really have to get my phone reconnected.

"The Ebay ad said it was a replica. They didn't say it was full size."
   -Kim D

"LA-15, 7 Mary 4, can I get some tighter pants out here. I have some VO equipment with a suspect headed east on the PCH."

7 Mary 4, send backup, grossie just found his favorite restraunt

okay who put crazy glue on my mike

Jonnnnn! You're such a pill, get your little but back here at fix my flat tire.

Could we have a stock check please on an acting career?

I'm having a sneaky cigarette

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