Fun Stuff
  • "CHiPs" WebCaption™
    Are you among the many people who find humor in "CHiPs" and love to share it with others? Then WebCaption™ is what you're looking for!

  • "CHiPs" Word Search
    The word search is back! Find the "CHiPs"-related words in the puzzle. A great way to kill time at the office when you're supposed to be writing reports.

  • Chat Transcripts

  • Video Files
    You'd better have an ISDN connection, cable modem, or T1...these QuickTime movies are large! Although, it's worth it if you need a copy of the "CHiPs" theme.

  • Sound Files
    Plenty of WAV files for you to download. Play Ponch for your roommates. Play the "CHiPs" theme for your co-workers. Entertain yourself for hours!

  • Image Gallery
    Pictures of people, places, and things from "CHiPs". There is even a collection of behind-the-scenes pictures, CHP photos, and other things not seen on TV.