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Ponch’s newly rebuilt Firebird as seen in "Down Time"
Ponch and Jon getting out of his Firebird as seen in "Sick Leave"

Ponch’s Firebird which had earned it’s nicknamed Little Bronze Beauty or My Bomb[1] is actually an early seventies model Pontiac that was originally canyon copper, eventually got purchased by Ponch in the spring of 1978 after borrowing eighty three dollars from Jon in order to pay the owner who had accidentally started it on fire during an argument with a tow truck driver over impounding the vehicle because of a lost in registration, and ended up with expire permit that was over sixty days due for a renewal.[2] Since Ponch’s favorite Firebird has undergone a total of five restorations which includes, sandblasting the recently burnt canyon copper completely off,[3][4] repainting the car in anaconda gold,[1][5][6][7][8][9] three different styles of screaming chicken decals were placed on the hood,[1][10][8] non functional dual modified ram air intake fiberglass formula hood,[2] non functional shaker,[2] trans am hood,[6] wood grain dashboard,[11][12] blackout dashboard,[1] a set of four B.F. Goodrich radial T/A‘s,[2] Cragar GT,[2] Cragar S/S,[4] American Racing Ansen Sprints,[11] American Racing Hurricane II Turbines,[8] trans am side vents,[2] lower formula side vents,[2] Rebuilt LT1 350,[13] changes in interior, rear foilers, side pipes,[2] dual exhaust, and fender flares.

considering the traffic accidents that was caused by criminals during his occasional undercover work, off duty,[14][15] and slowly started showing the signs of damage by the fall of 1981.[16]


[2] after sandblasting the recently burnt canyon copper completely off, through early

. This car has suffered two different owners which are Niles and his prior to Ponch. The car has suffered fire damaged at leased three times during those four years. The car has been damaged in past by mostly criminals. The car has been repaired several times which includes being repainted Canyon Copper every time during the time given in an auto body shop, and being through a list of small noticeable changes in styles.[2][1][17][11] The car has been totaled at leased three times during those four years.[1][10][18] The car was finally totaled beyond future repairs.[18] The cars previous history before being owned by Ponch[2] is currently unknown except that it was once owned by a psychotic traffic criminal named Niles< then his Dad who started it on fire, and decided to sell his sons recently repaired burnt out modified car for eighty-three dollars to the highest bidder.[2] The car was once stolen by a gang of female car thieves[1], and almost had it's new set of rims stolen.[19] The car was later given a CB Radio, and turned into a unmarked police car during a period of time at the California Highway Patrol.[6] The car was actually turned into a demolition derby car by Jon in order to save Ponch's life.[10] Ponch finally had sold it for scrap to a junkyard in order to buy a brand new 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am which is actually a beautiful Light Blue.[20] Ponch actually did love this car after taking ownship from Niles disgruntled dad in early 1978.[2] Ponch was actually once determined to get his car back after it was heisted by a beautiful woman named Melodie Fisher who was hired by his very strange new neighbor named Kim Balford, and went to the auto theft division to see his old friend Bill Ross. The hood of the car is actually non functionable because the shaker is actually attached to the hood instead of the engine.[13][10][12]

A disgruntled car owner bathes his car in gasoline as seen in "Neighborhood Watch"
Ponch is actually putting out the fire on his feature Firebird as seen in "Neighborhood Watch"

Niles had accidentally loss the title during his period of ownership of the car, and had put an expired California license plate which actually reads 525 CAT. The one day Niles was racing his buddy Ray on the city streets, and caught speeding on purpose by Ponch and Jon accidentally starting a small police chase. Both Niles and Ray had split up by turning down different side streets. Niles tried to turn around by backing up, and accidentally had hit Jon while in pursuit. Jon had flew over the hood of Niles car, and landed on his back. Niles had decided to run away from the accident by getting of his car, and Ponch had recently arrived at the scene of the accident only to find Jon in back pain. Niles would later report his car stolen, and was later arrest by Jon for a false report including two counts of felony hit and run.[21] Niles was later sent to prison, and had turned ownership over to his dad with an expire temporary license plate tag along with a permit. That one Saturday afternoon Ponch and Jon had responded to a call about a confrontation with a Tow Truck Driver, and a father of Niles whose car is now being towed after a permit along with temporary license plate tag had just expire on Friday. The father then decides to pour gasoline all over Niles car, and lights it on fire. After Ponch and Jon had responded to the call immediately, and had arrive just in time to hear the complaint from the father about the city impounding Niles car. The tow truck driver had moved away immediately from the car, and Ponch had put out the fire with an extinguisher. The tow truck driver now calls it worthless, and offers fifty dollars for scrap. This starts a bidding war with Ponch who actually sick and tired of borrowing Jon's Truck every time to get around town, and wants that car so badly that he offers fifty-five dollars. The bidding goes from sixty, sixty-two, and eventually to seventy dollars The tow truck driver offers one hundred dollars, and wants to come back in fifteen minutes. The father is willing to take seventy dollars from the tow truck driver until last minute where Ponch borrows fifteen dollars from Jon, and offers eighty-three dollars by not clearly realizing the he could have had it for seventy-one dollars. After Ponch had gotten an expire permit along with a temporary license plate tag, and Jon goes to get his black in order to ticketed the father of Niles former car, and is nearly run over by recently convicted drunk driver named Jerry Billings.[2]

Jon and Kim working Ponch's Firebird as seen in "High Flyer"
Ponch is actually escorting passenger Mary Barnes to Jon's Rodeo as seen in "High Explosive"

After Ponch had bought the car from the father of recently convict Niles, and had payed the tow truck by credit card to have the car towed to the parking garage at the Raintree Condominiums and Townhouses where Jon actually lives, and began working on it. On early Saturday morning Ponch had gotten tired of constantly working his car, and decided to take Jon's neighbor named Carol grocery shopping by using the truck. Jon along Carol's daughter named Kim had decided to work on Ponch's car together. Ponch and Carol would later arrive back with the truck later this morning along with the groceries, and had caught Jon and Kim working his car. Jon had told his assistant Kim get into Ponch's car in order start it up. Kim had gotten into Ponch's car, and manage to get the start engine by turning the key in the ignition switch. Ponch is actually surprised that his car is now running after Jon and Kim had just finished tuning up the engine, and wants to take it test drive after having an early lunch with Carol.[13] Ponch had once received a brand new 1978 Mercedes 450 SL R107 as a gift from Arab named Barney while still restoring his car, and later decided to returned it because it's considered a bribe.[22] After Ponch had finally finished doing a title search in order to get it register by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, and the official license plate finally reads 033 PCE. After Ponch had finally replaced the glass windshield including the side windows, and had manage to temporary primer his car. On Saturday morning Ponch had used his car in order pick up recently injured young African American woman by named of Mary Barnes that was finally released from the hospital, and drove her were Jon is having a rodeo on a farm in Los Angeles County. After Ponch had parked his car in the grass, and had gotten out along with their recently injured friend named Mary by wanting her make peace with a teenage boy named Barry Lasher who had accidentally caused a head injury to her own sister while trying to shoot a sign with a Sheridan Pellet Gun on the Harbor Freeway earlier this week.[3]

Ponch and Jon finding a parking spot available at the Los Angeles International Airport as seen in "Rally 'Round the Bank"

After Ponch had just finish a complete restoration of his beautiful car along with the help Jon, and his other colleagues on the side. That one rainy Friday morning Ponch had drove his car to work just show his colleagues out in the parking lot. Grossie had complimented Ponch on his car thinking it was brand new by looking at it freshly repainted with a bird decal on the hood. Ponch and Sindy had gotten into an argument over her chauvinism remarks about about his car until Getraer had came outside just to admire it for a second, and wanted everybody to hit the streets. Ponch had finally gotten one week of vacation time during first shift after accidentally breaking his pinky finger during a police chase with brand new Corvette that was recently stolen, and would later use his car to run some errands. Ponch would later drive down the hill of The Tides and Waters Edge at Marina Harbor where he actually lives, and pull into a parking spot inside the garage along with his new neighborhood Kim at the same time. Both Ponch and Kim had gotten out their cars at the same time, and had finally met each other in the parking garage. After Ponch had finally met Kim within an hour her friend Brandy had arrived with their friend Melodie on the back of a brand new 1978 Kawasaki KZ100 that was recently stolen from another area at the marina. Melodie had gotten off the back of the motorcycle, and had walked over to Ponch's car carrying a backpack full of auto theft tools while Brady is actually filing her nails by keeping a lookout for the cops. Melodie had pulled out a auto slim jim out of her backpack, and had popped the lock on Ponch's car.[1]

Ponch pulling into the dirt racing track as seen "CHP BMX"
Ponch's Firebird is temporary repainted Starlight Black as seen in "Death Watch"

After Ponch's neighbor Kim was arrested by the CHP for wrecking his car, and later convicted on six counts of auto theft including working for a big operation out of Arizona. While Kim is now serving her time in prison for larceny, and while Ponch was completing another restoration when a rich billionaire named Arthur Forbinger had offered to buy him a brand new car. Ponch had turn it down because of bribery.[23] While Ponch had almost complete partial restoration by finally replacing the caved in roof which included a new set of rims, and had re-primered the whole car including reupholstering the interior this time in sandalwood. Ponch would later drive Jon to the Los Angeles International Airport, and had accidentally parked in a loading zone. Ponch had wanted Jon to meet his mother named Maria inside the airport, and meanwhile a meter maid had ticketed his car outside because he had accidentally parked in a loading zone. After Ponch and Jon had collected his mom's luggage, and walked out airport. Ponch and Jon had surprised his mom by showing her the car that he recently bought at a fire sale. After Ponch had to listen to his mom's insult about his car. Both Ponch and Jon along with his mom had gotten into his car, and drove away from the airport.[4] After Ponch had finally decided to put his past romantic relationship with Kim behind him, and agreed to put some money back into his car by completing another restoration. Ponch had finally finished repainting his car the exact same color this time without a bird decal on the hood. On Saturday morning after Ponch had finished jogging with his occasional girlfriend Robbie Davis, and decided to take a quick shower at her apartment until Charlie Davis had shown up with Sam from their fishing trip.[5]

Jon now flipping over Ponch's Firebird as seen in "Destruction Derby"
Ponch now upset at both Jon and Getraer over his Firebird being recently totaled as seen in "Destruction Derby"

That one Saturday night while Ponch would later use his car to go undercover work at Ascot Park as a dirt track racer, and can be seen sitting in the pits right next to Jon's Truck. After meeting with Getraer and Baricza on Sunday morning, and later that exact same night Ponch would later drive Jon to go hangout at The Pit Shop. On monday Jon had enjoyed watching Ponch win the rematch, and his car would once sit in the pits along with the truck. Ponch would sit in the drivers seat of the truck while having a conversation with Jon, and watched his car in pits. On Saturday morning Ponch and Jon would drive separate vehicles into the pits. While Laurie Windsor was sitting on the hood of the truck, and cheering for Ponch. Jon had notice a wire on the ground, and notice that there was a bomb planted inside his engine compartment. Jon had then order Laurie off the hood of his truck, and manage to open it up in order to defuse the bomb. Jon had through that there was bomb planted inside Ponch's engine compartment, and manage to open the hood of his car to check it out. After Jon didn't find a bomb planted inside Ponch's engine compartment, and decided to turn into a temporary demolition derby racer. Jon had opened the door of Ponch's by hopping in the drivers seats, and grab the helmet inside the passengers seat. Jon had headed out into the demolition derby using Ponch's car now as a temporary demolition derby racer. Ponch had seen Jon driving his car in the demolition derby, and had headed over towards it. Ponch had then climbed out of their friend Chet Lindford's demolition derby racer into his own car through the window with Jon in the drivers seat. After Ponch had climb into his own car through the window, and three seconds later the Chet's demolition derby racer had blown up. When Jon was trying to catch Bones Bateman for almost killing Ponch in demolition derby, and had went over a bunch of wreck cars. Jon had accidentally flipped over Ponch's car by caving in the roof. After Jon had accidentally totaled Ponch's car, and managed to climb out of the window with a little help from the officials. Ponch is still stuck inside his own car. After Getraer had arrested Bones on drug charges, and for attempted murder while the officials had lifted up Ponch's car with a forklift in order to flipped it over in the right direction. After Ponch had taken a look at his recently totaled car, and is now upset at both Jon and Getraer. Since their friend Laurie knows this great auto body shop that will have it back on the road in a few weeks, and had offered to pay for the repairs of Ponch's car. At first Ponch had considered selling it for scrap to a junkyard, and then changed his mind since both of their lives was saved by Jon.[10]

Ponch's Firebird going off a ramp by another car as seen in "Thrill Show"

After Ponch had finally gotten his car back from the auto body shop. On Sunday morning Ponch did enjoy watching Bonnie perform in balancing act stunt while trying out for the Joie Chitwood Stunt Show at Ascot Park, and Jon had a talk with Ray Connor while sitting on the left fender of his beautifully restored car. On Sunday afternoon while Ponch and Jon will still enjoying their day off by driving home together, and having a discussion of Bonnie wanting to quit the CHP in order to join Ray at stunt show. While Ponch had turned the corner in his car, and Jon had spotted Malcolm behind the steering wheel of Hollywood tour bus while his punk rock band called The Bus Boys were robbing it. While Ponch is still driving his car, and Jon had shouted out the window by showing his badge yelling at Malcolm to pull it over to the side of the road. Malcolm had refused to listen to Jon's orders about pulling over, and had chose to side swipe the right side of Ponch's car. After Malcolm had broken off Ponch's right side fender flares which includes damaging the two rims, and while Jon had called for backup using the CB Radio in his car. While Turner had responded to Jon's call, and Ponch had entered the freeway using his own car. Ponch had avoided Malcom trying to side swipe the left side of his car, and accidentally had went off a ramp of another car. Turner was surprised to see Ponch's car driving on two wheels of the left side. Ponch and Jon had continued the pursuit of the Hollywood tour bus while driving on two wheels of the left side. Ponch was afraid of wrecking his new paint job, and had refused to damaged his car. After a few miles of pursuit Malcolm had decided to exited the freeway, and Ponch had finally turned in order to continue pursuit in his car. Ponch's car had accidentally came back down damaging the frame which includes the suspension, and the rims. Ponch had gotten out of his car, and Turner had stopped to check on him losing the pursuit of the Hollywood Tour Bus. The CHP had finally agreed to pay for the repairs of Ponch's car since it was used in the line of duty.[6] After the CHP had finished paying for repairs on Ponch's car which included a new paint job, and a set of rims that were actually done by Harlan. Ponch was finally to get it back after it was finished being repaired. On Saturday afternoon Ponch and Jon would drive to the hospital together to go visit their friend, and colleague Andy Stratowski who had recently had a heart attack this morning during first shift. Ponch and Jon had got out of his car only to Andy just released sitting in his own car out in the parking lot.[7]

Ponch staking out the construction site as seen in "Forty Tons of Trouble"
Ponch Firebird entering the construction site as seen in "Forty Tons of Trouble"

The one night Ponch had agree to have dinner with Paula at the S.S. Princess Louise which is actually a floating restaurant. After the valet had brought back Ponch's car, and Paula had so many questions of his beat up looking car while they were driving back to the construction site. Ponch and Paula had a conversation about her stolen construction equipment, and about his car. After dropping Paula off at the construction site he notice the burglars stealing equipment, and change his mind by deciding to turn around in order to complete a stakeout. The next after talking with Getraer of the recently stolen construction equipment. Ponch and Jon had gone undercover using his car as an unmarked patrol car by following the crooks in that same van to the construction site where Paul works. Ponch and Jon had stop to pull the van, and manage to arrest the crooks except for one that was trying to steal the forklift. Ponch had gotten back into his car in order to stop the forklift driver, and drove into the construction site damaging the fender flares by losing them in the dirt. The chase had ended by the forklift driver fianlly trapping Ponch inside his car, and damaging the drivers door including the racing mirror by puncturing a hole all the way through to the passengers door. The forklift driver had lifted Ponch while still inside his car up in the air. Both Jon and Turner had arrested the guy, and manage to used the forklift to let Ponch down while still inside his car. Turner had check on Ponch while Grossie tells them he found their missing parts for their dragster. While celebrating at Paula's house Getraer had arrive to celebrate, and let Ponch know that the CHP is actually going to pay for the repairs of his car since it was used for undercover work this morning during first shift. Bonnie had became upset because of Grossie finally joining their CHP drag racing team, and she had chosen to give the rest of her team a dirty look for catching the construction thieves while using Ponch's car in the line of duty. Bonnie is now angry at Ponch for wrecking the CHP dragster in line of duty by catching the thieves that had ripped off their parts at the Brotherhood Raceway Park.[11]

Ponch's Firebird lifted up in the air after being damaged by a forklift as seen in "Forty Tons of Trouble"
Ponch and Jon trying to Janos from kidnaping Maria as seen in "Suicide Stunt"

After the CHP had finished paying for the repairs on Ponch's car which included a new paint job, and a set of rims that were actually done once again by Harlan. After Ponch had finally got his car back, and he had drove Jon home from their double date with two dispatchers named Pam and Kathie. While Ponch was driving Jon home they had ran into Chad Sullivan riding his bicycle that exact same night.[8] After Melanie Mitchell had accidentally ripped her pants by falling off her motorcycle, and Ponch had taken her to his place by parking right next to his car.[24] Ponch had drove Jon to the Youth Center on Oak Street which is actually around the corner from Central. Ponch almost had his new set of rims stolen along with a CB Radio by some punks that were hired by Andy Macedon, and managed to stop them just in time. After the punks take off in van now causing Ponch and Jon to give a little police pursuit, and they would radio for help only to get pulled over by a stupid Local LAPD Motor Officer in his old neighborhood. After Ponch and Jon had finished having a talk with the stupid local LAPD Motor Officer, and manage to drive away in peace. Ponch would later park in front of the restaurant while Jon had gotten out of his car, and they had decided to pay a visit to Andy about his gang of punky teenagers including Billy Rogers. After Andy had loss his temper at Ponch and Jon by flipping a plate upside-down and smashes it with his fist, and they had out of the restaurant by getting back into his car. Ponch and Jon had drove away in his car.[19] Ponch would later received a bomb that was planted inside the engine compartment of his car by a Vietnam Veteran who happens to be an explosives expert named Martin Beck while attending Bonnie's party at her apartment on Saturday night with his date Karen. After Bonnie's party was over Ponch had gotten back into his car with Karen, and wanted to start it up not known there was bomb planted inside his engine compartment until his temporary partner by the named of T.C. Hunsacker had figured it out by the two wires that were left on the ground by telling him not to start his car. After T.C. had ordered Ponch and Karen out of his car, and had safely opened up his hood in ordered to remove the bomb from his engine compartment. A couple of days later Ponch had drove Jon to the bowling alley, and had received another bomb that was planted inside his engine compartmet. While Ponch and Jon were getting ready to leave the bowling alley, and were now in the parking lot. Ponch and Jon were suprised to see a bomb had exploded by starting his car on fire. The CHP had agree to pay for the fire damage repairs.[12]

Wayne Cato pulling up in Scot with Ponch's Firebird in the background as seen in "Bright Flashes"
Ponch's Firebird has it's left fender flare broken off after a little police chase last night as seen "A Threat of War"

After the CHP finished paying for the fire damage repairs on Ponch's car. While Bonnie had ran back inside wearing a lavender dress along with a pair of baby pink high heel pumps, and Ponch had climb over the hood of his car in order to get inside while Jon would get inside his truck. Ponch would use his car in the rear in order to set up a roadblock at the Queen Mary while Jon using truck in the front to block a hungarian motorcycle star named Janos who tried to steal a limousine, and kidnapping their colleague named Maria.[9] Ponch couldn't take a job about reposing his car.[25] Ponch had drove Jon to Steve's new mansion while he looking for a place to stay.[26] The next morning Patti had borrowed the car by agreeing to give Ponch a ride to work. The one night Jon had given Ponch a surprise by placing a brand new motorcycle right next to his own car. The next morning Ponch was actually washing along with waxing his own car.[27] After checking out the modified hot rods going down the Sunset Strip that when Ponch had decide to give Jon a ride down the main drag in his old neighborhood in order to meet Rudy at the former Smith Brothers garage.[28] Ponch had decided to give a Jon a ride to a rented house in order to meet with their only witness which is actually former cowboy actor Wayne Cato, and they would have dinner with him that same night.[29] Ponch had actually brought his car to work early in the morning hoping to have a brand new burglar alarm install by Sweeney and his daughter Carol before going on duty. After suffering from first degree burns in the crotch that were cause by his former colleague named Toni Max earlier that day, and later on that afternoon he had finally gotten his new burglar alarm installed on his car hoping to finally catch her in the act. Later on that night Carol had popped the latch, and open the hood of the car unaware that Ponch was actually pretending to be asleep in the backseat hoping to catch Toni but instead caught her in the act of attempted auto theft.[30] Ponch actually ask out Earl Hogan's adopted daughter which is actually Kim Hogan, and drove his car over to her house.[31]

Ponch's Firebird avoids having it's right fender flare broken off as seen in "Overload"
Chris racing Ponch's old Firebird as seen in "Return to Death's Door"

Ponch would later drive Jon to his old girlfriend Rosa Aguila house in his old neighborhood, and wanted to talk about her brother Carlos. Ponch had asked Rosa for a date on Saturday night. On Saturday night Ponch and Jon were double dating with Rosa and Sherron, and talking to Andy at The House Restaurant they unaware that Billy Rogers was sitting a blue Ford Econoline behind his car waiting for them. Billy had seen Andy outside with Ponch and Jon, and their dates Rosa and Sherron with his car. Billy had drove straight forward by running over Andy causing him to break his ankle, and Ponch had gotten into his car in order pursue a small police chase while leaving Jon with their dates Rosa and Sherron. While Ponch was in pursuit of Billy driving a van, and had used the CB Radio in his car in order to call for backup. While still in pursuit of Billy in a van Ponch had accidentally scrape the front of his car, and accidentally had broken the left fender flare off. After losing pursuit of Billy in a van later on that night Ponch would later drive Rosa home, and had a conversation about Carlos. After Ponch had arrived back Rosa in his car, and went back inside of her house only to see that Billy had trashed the place including Carlos painting equipment plus his artwork. After Ponch and Jon had finished checking on Andy in hospital on Sunday afternoon, and later on that day after getting off first shift they would drive to Rosa's house together. After Ponch and Jon had gotten a tip from Rosa about Carlos fighting with Billy's gang, and they would drive away in his car in order to meet Andy. Ponch and Jon would arrive in his car in order to save both Andy and Carlos by trying arrest Billy in which had into a small karate fight. Billy had start beating the roof of Ponch's car. The fight had officially ended with Ponch kicking Billy in the penis.[14] On Saturday afternoon Ponch and Jon had just finished jet-skiing in the harbor, and while driving home together in his car they had spotted their elderly senior citizen friend Nettie using a motorized wheelchair. Ponch and Jon had stop to rescue Nettie from the two computer hackers, and had accidentally started a small police chase using his car into the hills of Los Angeles. The police chase had ended with several car crashes including Ponch and Jon were lucky enough avoid getting his cars right fender flare broken off, and the two criminals getting away in Chevelle. After the small police chase had ended with the Chevelle, and later on that day Ponch and Jon would drive his car into the garage of the computer company that handles all their data.

Bruce Nelson standing outside the hospital with Ponch's old Firebird parked in front of the hospital as seen in "Fallout"
Ponch's Firebird going over the camper during a little police chase as seen in "Fallout"

Ponch had actually took a recently blinded police canine named Jericho for a ride in his car back to the canine training center at the sheriffs department. Sargent Honeyton had shown up in order to Ponch's car parked on the grass, and Jericho trying to smell the heroin. Ponch would respond with Jericho using his own car. While Ponch was in pursuit with Jericho using his own car, and would later parked in the warehouse district. Ponch would pretend that his car is actually stalled, and managed to use Jericho track down the heroin while a criminal named Jesse James, Jr. would escape knocking him down.Ponch's old car would be repainted yellow with different shades of bright colors for stripes, and was drag raced on the streets by his friend Chris who had held a grudge on him since the death of his older brother Zack. Chris was drag racing his car, and was later arrested after accidentally starting fire to another man's car. Chris had changed the gearing in his car along with the help of Harlan's friend Jim Telford. Chris was later working on the engine of his car. Chris would later drive his to the crash site where his older brother was accidentally killed. Ponch would later show up driving his old 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air in order to drag race Chris against his car. Both Ponch and Chris were drag racing until accidentally side swiping each other going around the corners of the road. Chris had accidentally side swiped the right side of his car, and realized that he doesn't need to hold a grudge against Ponch anymore. Ponch's old car was eventually repainted candy apple red, and given a new set of rims. Hal would drive to hospital to visit his stepson. Hal had gotten suspicious of Ponch and Bobby by deciding to hit a nurse, and ran out of the hospital by getting into his car. Hal had drove off starting a police chase that would continue with Hal turning corners around the city streets until driving on abandon freeway, and driving through the dirt. Hal would drive off the dirt ramp by jumping the car, and crashing into a bunch of parked cars. Ponch and Bobby would arrest Hal on child abuse charges by opening the trunk of his car, and managing to find a cane in duffle bag.

The Different Firebirds Used On The Show


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