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Episode # 517
Air Date February 14, 1982
Briefing Learn about anti-theft devices.
Title screen

Brief Plot

Bonnie suspects that an old friend from the police academy has turned to car theft. A car alarm expert's daughter is having a hard time persuading her father that she wants to join the business.


Guest Stars



Fun Facts

  • Elizabeth Daily (Carol Sweeney) now works mainly as a voice artist under the name E.G Daily. She's probably best known as the voice of Tommy Pickles in Rugrats.
  • Simon Oakland (Sweeney) previously appeared as Bruno in Drive, Lady, Drive.
  • The female mud wrestling scenes were actually filmed at the Hollywood Tropicana not Chippendales due to an editing mistake of the enterance sign.
  • Hollywood Tropicana is actually located 1250 N Western Ave, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 90029.


  • In the accident scene at the beginning Ponch on the radio with LA Communication Center calls in an 11-80 (Accident Serious Injuries) and requests an 11-41 (ambulance) and 11-42 (Paramedics), few moments later Jon talking to two female motorists says "luckily no one's hurt".
  • When Ponch and Jon take Bonnie, including her cousin Tom to a night club called Chippendales in which had the female mud wrestlers performing a show, and would later have male strippers performing a show in the same venture as seen in Trained for Trouble considering that it would be variety night club.

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