Episode Guide: Season 5: Trained for Trouble
523 - Trained for Trouble

Original Airdate: 4-Apr-1982

Plot: At a bank, dogs and chimps are robbing it while Bonnie, Grossie, Ponch, and Jon are having lunch. As they leave, Ponch and Jon chase the animals down an alley and onto a roof. The chimps and dogs are too fast for them though and get away when their owner drives them off in a truck. Later, someone comes to HQ confessing to the crime...but he doesn't know any details so they know he didn't do it an send him home. That night at Chippendales, a CHP look-alike shows up to strip. Bonnie arrives just before he leaves and misses seeing the guy strip. The next day she shows the pictures to Ponch because her friends thought it was him. After the commercial break, Ponch and Jon pull over a speeding Mercedes. The woman they stop thinks that Ponch is the stripper. Meanwhile, Turner sees a bird steal money bags from a Pervis armoured car shipment. Ponch and Jon chase after the bird. When Ponch gets distracted from looking at the bird, he drives off the road and tears his shirt. Back at Central, the guys make stripping music while Ponch takes his shirt off. After the confesser gets let off again, Ponch goes to Chippendales and meets the manager. He gets the impersonator's name and number so that he can talk to the guy. Later, on patrol, Ponch and Jon chase after a motorcycle rider with a dog on his back. They call ahead and have a roadblock set up. It turns out it's not the guy sending animals to rob places so they let him go with just "evadin arrest". That night at Chippendales, the confessor dons a mask and goes inside while Ponch meets his look-alike. When the confessor robs the safe, the look-alike goes after him. When he shows up and confesses, Grossie and Baricza are about to let him go when he recognizes Ponch. They realize that he DID do the crime. When they finally arrest him, he starts denying everything. When Ponch and Jon go to the hospital to meet the look-alike, they find the animal man, chase him, and arrest him. Back at Central, Ponch is offered a job at Chippendales.

Guest Stars: Don Stroud (as Lou Poole), Belinda Montgomery (from Doogie Howser as Elaine Price), Dan Hedaya ("Nick" from Cheers as Herzog), Frank Aletter (as Dr. Johnson), Nita Talbot (as Nita), Jo Anna Lehmann (as Nurse), Carole Wyand (as Sharon), John Macchia (as Farren), Terri Hanauer (as Cynthia), Richard Reicheg (as Bank Manager), Angelo Bernardi (as Officer Richard), Richard Charles Barsh (as Emcee), Chrissy Kellogg (as Blonde), Marty Davis (as Wino), Scott Dimalante (as Doorman), Debbie Anthony (as Bank Teller)
Written by: Larry Alexander
Directed by: Barry Crane

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