Episode Guide: Season 3: Dynamite Alley
324 - Dynamite Alley

Original Airdate: 30-Mar-1980

Plot: Bonnie's on patrol on Route 21...the middle of nowhere. After talking on the CB radio to wake her up, she goes off the road. Her CB friend calls the police and Ponch and Jon respond. Back at Central, Grossie is writing another article for the Highway Patrol magazine. From there, Ponch and Getraer go and visit Bonnie at the hospital. The next day, Ponch and Jon respond to a call about an Army tank in the street. It's on the way to a funny car show. Back at Central, Jon has Grossie thinking there was an imaginary tank...until he shows Grossie the picture Ponch took of him standing on the turret. Later, Ponch and Jon go to visit Bonnie's CB friend, "Blabbermouth". Meanwhile, Baricza spots an accident on the highway and Turner shows up to chase the car which caused the accident. A few miles down the road, he finds a car going backwards down the freeway. Upon closer inspection, he realizes that it has two front ends. The next day, Turner and the other officers agree to help Grossie with his article. Then Jon goes looking for clues at the trucking company Bonnie named as running her off the road. Later, Ponch and Baricza head out to a report of a downed airplane...but learn that it's a funny car. Meanwhile, Jon learns that none of the truck trailers have logos on the back of them. Back at Central, Grossie plays a shrink and questions Bonnie. In the hallway, Ponch and Jon talk to "Blabbermouth". He joins Bonnie and reveals that there really wasn't a truck in her way. As Grossie leaves, Getraer gives him some ideas for the rest of his article. Out in the garage, Harlan shows off his HPMT (Highway Patrol Motorcycle Trainer) which won him $200 in the funny car show.

Great Quote: "Coffee, tea, or me?" -Ponch (in the DC-3) to Baricza

Guest Stars: Bryan Scott (as Corey Marshall), Joan Freeman (as Mrs. Marshall), Michael MacRae (as Perkins), Raymond Mayo (as Larkin), John Armstrong Marshall (as Perry), Eve McVeagh (as Wife), Layla Gallaway (as Nurse), William Long, Jr. (as Angry Motorist), Herb Graham (as Husband), William Callaway (as Pilot), Kedric Wolfe (as 2-Way Driver), Ty Mitchell (as Scared Kid)
Written by: Rudolph Borchert
Teleplay by: Rudolph Borchert and James Schmerer
Directed by: Bruce Kessler


  • When Ponch and Jon get Bonnie out of her cruiser, Jon has to remove her seat belt. Later, at the hospital, Ponch tells her CB partner and his mother that Bonnie would have been killed had she not worn her seat belt. However, when Bonnie is driving along before the accident, she's not wearing one at all...not even when she begins to swerve all over the place!
  • When Bonnie's car is found, the lights are sticking out from a hill. When we see the car crash, the lights stay on top.
  • It's a good thing the woman Jon removed from the car didn't have a spinal injury!

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