Episode Guide: Season 3: Off Road
319 - Off Road

Original Airdate: 2-Feb-1980

Brief Plot: Jon and Ponch enter a desert off-road race, unaware that a pair of syndicate thugs are using the race as a cover to retrieve a cache of stolen coins.

Guest Stars: Ramon Bieri (as Larson), Michael Baseleon (as Mesker), Meredith MacRae (as Beth), Edd Byrnes (from 77 Sunset Strip as Andy)
Written by: George Geiger
Directed by: William Paul Nuckles


  • When Jon jumps his truck during the race, it appears the entire truck falls apart when it lands. The beauty rings on his wheels go flying and the wheels appear to go through the fenders. Not only does the truck seem to run fine, but later in the episode the beauty rings are back on!

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