318 - Kidnap

Original Airdate: 26-Jan-1980

Plot: While Ponch, Jon, and a reporter are entertaining two essay winners at the courthouse, two criminals manage to escape. While the reporter puts a microphone on Ponch, the kids start his motor. Just before they're supposed to go into the courthouse, the kids check out a Rolls Royce. Pete and Ray hide in the Rolls. Shortly, the two escaped criminals steal the Rolls and don't notice the kids until after they drive off. Ponch and Jon follow the Rolls at a safe distance. At the courthouse, Getraer organizes his forces. The kids talk their kidnappers into stopping at a gas station. When they pull off the highway, Ponch and Jon start following another Rolls. They pull up close and realize it's the wrong one. As the Rolls drives out of the gas station, Bonnie shows up and follows them. Arriving at the gas station and talking to the attendant in Spanish, Ponch and Jon find a note with "405N" left behind by the kids. Ponch gets a bright idea to borrow a car for $40 from the gas station and use it to persue undercover. As some guys in a van drive by the limo, they realize there's a kidnapping going on. When they cause a scene, Jon pulls them over and tells them to stay out of the way. When Getraer and Grossie catch up to Jon, they decide to try another rolling traffic block. The kidnappers play with the radio in the Rolls and find the police band. The Rolls speeds off and intentionally causes an accident. The kidnappers go to a residential alley and steal a station wagon. When Ponch finds the Rolls, he learns they stole a station wagon and signals to Jon with his "La Coucaracha" horn. The kidnappers drive into the car wash and Ponch is on their tail. Ponch continues to chase them and all the CHP officers center in on him just after he crashes into the station wagon and arrests both of the kidnappers. In the end, everyone has a good laugh as the kids honk Ponch's fancy horn.

Great Quote: "Fi-bucks." -The kidnapper telling how much gas he wants in the Rolls

Guest Stars: Timothy Agoglia Carey (as Solkin), Warren Berlinger (as Bickel), Judy Strangis (aka "Dyna Girl" as Karen Costello), Brad Savage (as Pete), Jayne Kennedy (as Pat Blake), Christopher Holloway (as Ray), Edward Call (as Delman), Patrick Cranshaw (as Carpenter), J. Victor Lopez (as Attendant), Michael Barbera (as Dink), Randy Bowser (as Oggie)
Written by: Stephen Kandel
Directed by: Gordon Hessler


  • What kind of a Rolls Royce owner leaves the doors unlocked and easy to start? I guess they didn't want to inconvenience the thieves.
  • When Getraer and Grossie roll out, you can tell they're really on a trailer. Grossie is leaning back and forth while Getraer is steady...yet they remain the same distance from each other. They also bounce at the exact same times.
  • When Ponch passes Getraer and Grossie in his borrowed car, he's in the left lane. In the next shot, he's in the right lane and moves to the left.
  • While the Rolls kidnappers play with the radio, Bonnie says she's a mile ahead of them. How'd she do that? At the gas station she lost them. How did she manage to get ahead of them?
  • After the Rolls speeds off the freeway, Jon says they're headed east. If the Rolls was on the 405 headed North (to Canada) then they turned to the left, that would be west.
  • Does Turner have an accent or a speech impediment or an odd (Klingon) accent? After the kidnappers abandon the Rolls, Turner says "Hang in there Miss Costeller." Her name is Karen Costello...not "Costeller".
  • This one has bugged me for years. When Ponch is driving next to the station wagon, the other officers can hear his horn for several blocks.

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