Episode Guide: Season 3: Wheeling
314 - Wheeling

Original Airdate: 8-Dec-1979

Plot: Artie, a handicapped driver, and his two friends are stopped for playing "It" on the highway. Meanwhile, cars are drag racing and hit a boy. His dad chases after them and is pulled over. While playing "bull fight" at a sidewalk mall, Artie loses control of his wheelchair and rolls down a hill. Luckily Ponch and Jon show up at the right time. Artie is later caught letting the air out of a car in a Handicap space. Meanwhile, the father thinks he sees the car of the guy that injured his son so he chases him. They are both pulled over and he presses charges against the man. After Ponch & Jon visit Artie & Co., the father and his son are seen fixing his mangled bike. Back at HQ, Ponch & Jon have to deal with "Mr. Saunders" (the father)...and tell him that the man he pulled over didn't do it. Artie and friends find the Mustang that injured the kid and pull a wire from the engine. When the guy comes out to his car, it won't start...and then the CHP shows up and he runs to the train station where he's captured. After taking "Brent" for a spin, Artie almost runs over the injured kid. Mr. Saunders chases them (of course) attracting Baricza's attention. Then the van rolls over while the car knocks down live power lines. Artie broke both arms while Mr. Saunders broke a leg. In the end, Mr. Saunders is seen pushing Artie's wheelchair.

Written by: L. Fred Neale and John Huff
Directed by: Barry Crane

24 readers have rated this episode as 6.25 out of 10.
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