Episode Guide: Season 3: Drive, Lady, Drive
309 - Drive, Lady, Drive

Original Airdate: 10-Nov-1979

Plot: A man steals a truck and is pulled over by Ponch and Jon while his partner speeds by and wrecks cars. When Ponch and Jon chase him, Jon flips and crashes. Back at Central, Getraer assigns Ponch, Jon, Baricza, and Powell to assist other officers in Palma Vista. Meanwhile, a racer named Candi wins at the Phoenix Raceway, they head towards Riverside. They find a house on fire and stop to assist. Meanwhile, Ponch, Jon, Baricza, and Powell arrive in Palma Vista to replace some striking police officers. Baker heads the "A Watch" from 6:30am to 2pm. When Candi arrives in Paula Vista, she brings the girl to the police station where Ponch and Jon try to help. When Ponch and Jon say they can't watch after the girl and she'd be left in the police station, Candi takes her to the race track. Later, her parents are in town to watch after the girl. The next day, some guys in a dune buggy speed by the police station. Ponch and Jon chase them but can't find them when they hide under a loading dock. They didn't lose out though...Jon spotted the truck that they pulled over at the beginning of the show parked on the side of the road. Later, Candi's practicing racing as the girl watches. Ponch and Jon arrive with a woman who may know who the girl is and where she belongs. When the girl spots the woman, she runs onto the track. Candi swerves to avoid hitting her. Then...just at the last second, we see "To Be Continued"!

Guest Stars: Kelly Harmon (as Candi), Simon Oakland (as Bruno), Jordan Clarke (as Croyden), Dick O'Neill (as McNabb), Leon Isaac Kennedy (as Powell), Helen Baron (as Mrs. Wright), William Bronder (as Sal Panello), Tracey Gold (from Growing Pains as Donna), June Christopher (as Miss Rudd), Robert Ellenstein (as Whaley), Bruce Glover (as Chuck Harris), Grainger Hines (as Bristow), Brion James (as Ackerman), David Johnston (as Elmer), John Kerry (as Webner), William Long, Jr. (as Nascar Official), Anthony Palmer (as Toby), Don Ross (as Mr. Wright), Frank Farmer (as Frank), John Gibson (as Good Looking Man), Debbie Kaine (as Trophy Girl), Kurt Ida (as Bobby Chambers), David Starwalt (as Dicky), Wayne Storm (as Ben)
Written by: William D. Gordon & James Doherty
Directed by: Don Weis


Fun Fact:
  • This episode was originally broadcast as a two-hour episode.
  • When Jon crashes, if you look closely you can see the stuntman's wearing long sleeves.
  • Jon crashes at something like 50 miles an hour, gets up, and doesn't have a scratch on him.
  • When the officer brings in Ponch and Jon's drinks, he hands Ponch one and Jon gets up to get his and then sits down. Why? Couldn't the officer take one more step and not make Jon have to get up?

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