Episode Guide: Season 3: Valley Go Home!
303 - Valley Go Home!

Original Airdate: 29-Sep-1979

Plot: Some surfer guys park really close to a "Valley" van, so the Valley guys push the surfer car out of the way. Upset, the surfers chase the van and attract the attention of our favorite motor officers. The Valley van manages to escape. Later on, a speeder forces a convertible towing two Hobie Cats down a road...but the breaks are out and it's up to Ponch to stop them while Jon chases the speeder. Fortunately they make it down the hill safely and come to a stop where Ponch manages to get a sailing date with the two women. Meanwhile, the surfers vandalize the Valley van and end up chasing each other. Grossman, Ponch, and Jon give chase followed by Baricza and Bonnie. Shortly, the van crashes into an open car door and stops. After returning to the beach, Ponch and Jon decide to check out ice cream trucks for stolen radios. Meanwhile, the 8-track in the Valley van is stolen and they think it's the surfers so they retaliate by taking their surfboards. When the surfers chase the Valley kids, they make a girl lose control of their kite. The kite falls on a car which causes an accident. The next day, on their day off (watch for the melted ice cream on Ponch's leg), Ponch and Jon try to make peace between the surfers and Valley people. Just down the beach are Ponch's sailing dates...both Hobie Cats flip. After Jon gets back to his truck, he finds his CB gone. The following day, the surfers chase the Valley van again...ending in roll overs. By the time Ponch and Jon arrive, everyone is next to the surfer car licking their wounds. Later, Ponch and Jon notice a suspicious trash collector entering a motor home. After a short chase, Ponch and Jon arrest the two men. Back at the beach, everyone is getting along fine and Ponch and Jon decide to go sailing again. Ponch falls in the water while pulling the boat off the beach.

Briefing: (In a restaurant parking lot) Stolen radios

Guest Stars: Ed Griffith (as Tom), Aarika Wells (as Kris), Kim O'Brien (as Donna), Grant Wilson (as Jerry), Greg Bradford (as Bart)
Written by: L. Fred Neale and John Huff
Directed by: Barry Crane


  • In one scene, Jon misidentifies the valley guys' Ford van as a Chevy.

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