Episode Guide: Season 1: Moving Violation
104 - Moving Violation

Original Airdate: 13-Oct-1977

Plot: When a plane has to make an emergency landing on the freeway, Ponch and Jon hold back traffic. The plane lands just before a bridge and Ponch gets a date with the pilot. After a call comes in for a stolen bus, Jon spots it around the next corner. In order to get in good with Getraer, Ponch takes credit for finding the bus. At Central, Getraer is pleased with Ponch and gives him his snack. That night, Ponch is driving his date to dinner in his motor home when he changes lanes without signaling. He gets pulled over and takes the ticket. He doesn't flash his badge to get out of it either. Later, Ponch and Jon pull over a guy for speeding. He gets upset and starts ripping apart his car by hand. During lunch, Getraer calls Jon and asks him to do an accident call. After one of the most touching scenes of the whole series (and after a commercial), we see Ponch going to traffic school in disguise to get out of the ticket. The next day, Ponch and Jon chase after a van that clipped the door off of a fat guy's station wagon. The van flips over and the guy screams for help...because the van is filled with snakes! Baricza and Fritz show up and break the windshield while Ponch and Jon freeze the snakes with the CO2 fire extinguishers. After the bus is reported stolen again at the briefing, Fritz spots it. Ponch, Jon, and Fritz manage to pull over the old guy driving it. They make everyone get off. As the old guy explains why they stole the bus, it starts rolling. Ponch jumps on and tries to stop it but can't. He backs it down the hill while Jon clears the way. When he gets to a runaway vehicle median strip, he uses it to stop the bus. In the final scene, Ponch (in disguise) drags Jon (not in disguise) to traffic school. After a minute, the guy who pulled apart his car walks in. He recognizes Ponch and Jon walks out.

Briefing: Drunk Driving Seminar and Church Bus is Stolen Again
Great Scene: Rosie Grier ripping apart his car as Ponch and Jon watch.

Guest Stars: Roosevelt Grier (ex-football star as Car Killer), Catherine Ferrar (as Brenda), Fawne Harriman (as Mrs. Karantz), Kathi Kuni (as Hippie Girl), James Nicholas (as Snake Thief), Harvey Parry (as Andy Parker), Derek Wilcox (as Jeff Karantz)
Written by: Charles Sailor
Directed by: Ed Abroms

Fun Fact:

  • In the Space Ghost: Coast to Coast episode "CHiPs", Moltar was watching this episode. We saw the scene with the overturned, snake-filled van.
  • In the scene where Jon has to tell a woman that her husband died, the kid who ran in yelling "Daddy! Daddy!" at Jon is played by Derek Wilcox, Larry Wilcox's oldest son.
  • In the scenes before the theme, watch the skies. Sometimes they're foggy and sometimes they're clear.
  • During lunch, Getraer calls Jon at the restaurant. I know officers have to call in that they're going to lunch...but not where. How does Getraer know what restaurant they're at? Do they always eat there on that day of the week?
  • On the board during the briefing, under "Project V" it says "Car Officers Sign out for your cars". You mean they've just been running out and jumping into the first one there? I'd think they'd have assigned cars which means there's no need to sign out since you know who's in what car.
  • On the runaway bus, there are three people...Ponch and the senior citizens. In some shots (especially while driving through the gravel just before the bus stops) you can see a fourth person. (Don't mistake the boxes in the last seat for a person though...)

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