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Robert Pine (Sgt. Joseph Getraer)

[Linke in 1996]
Paul Linke as Lex Luthor (in disguise)
on Lois and Clark in 1996

Lou Wagner (Harlan Arliss)

Brodie Greer (Barry Baricza)

[Brodie Greer]
A "Brodie Greer Fan Club" photo which reads:
Have fun
Brodie Greer

[Brodie Greer closeup]
A closeup of Brodie Greer

Lewis Saunders (Gene Fritz)

[Michael Dorn]
Michael Dorn (Jebediah Turner)

Randi Oakes (Bonnie Clark)

[Tom Reilly]
Bobby Nelson (Tom Reilly)

[Tom Reilly closeup]
Closeup of Tom Reilly from the above photo

[Bruce Nelson]
Bruce Penhall (Cadet Bruce Nelson)

Thanks to "Ishani" for the scans of the photos of Tom Reilly and Bruce Penhall as well as the Brodie Greer Fan Club photos.