Image Gallery: Ponch and Jon
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[Estrada and Wilcox]
A first season photo of Estrada and Wilcox
(Looks like Larry has a little "helmet hair")

[Wilcox and Estrada]
A B&W first season photo of Wilcox and Estrada

[Estrada, Wilcox, and stop sign]
The detailed photo of Erik and Larry which was used on the main "CHiPs" Online page

[Ponch and Jon]
Ponch and Jon at CHP Central

Jon and Ponch on patrol

[Frank Poncherello]
7 Mary 4 reporting in

[Erik in B&W]
A B&W photo of Erik from a T-shirt

[Erik 'Hero' T-shirt]
A photo of Erik from a T-shirt

[Jon Baker]
Larry Wilcox as Jon Baker

[Larry Wilcox]
Larry Wilcox promotional photo
(Note - badge is missing)

Two images from TNT's "CHiPs" marathon in May 1995:
[Erik Estrada in 95] [Larry Wilcox in 95]
Erik Estrada in 1995 Larry Wilcox in 1995

Thanks to Randy Torno for images 1, 2, 3, and 10.