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"CHiPs" on Autopilot
The Autopilot podcast features discussion about the pilot episode of "CHiPs" in episode 9 of season 2. The show's hosts, Scott Johnson and Tom Merritt, are joined by Patrick Delahanty, the creator of "CHiPs" Online to break down the pilot episode and talk about the show.
You can find Autopilot on iTunes or at AutopilotShow.com.

Join the "CHiPs" Cast Reunion
"CHiPs" Online teamed up with FanCons.com to provide live reports from the floor of the "CHiPs" 35th Anniversary Reunion. You can find our play-by-play report on the FanCons.com site.
Among those appearing were:
  • Larry Wilcox (Jon Baker)
  • Robert Pine (Sgt. Joseph Getraer)
  • Paul Linke (Arthur Grossman)
  • Brodie Greer (Barry "Bear" Baricza) Lew Saunders (Gene Fritz)
  • Bruce Penhall (Bruce Nelson)
  • Lou Wagner (Harlan Arliss)
  • Michael Dorn (Jeb Turner)
  • Brianne Leary (Sindy Cahill)
  • Cy Chermak (Executive Producer)
  • Larry Mollin (Writer)
For more information about the event, visit CHiPsReunion.com or FanCons.com.
Speed down the highway to the sounds of "CHiPs"
FSM has given fans of "CHiPs" something to be excited about with their release of their third volume of music from the show. Volume 3 covers the best scores from season 4. Just as with volumes 1 and 2, this volume is entirely in stereo from first-generation master tapes and features detailed liner notes. The release is limited to just 3,000 copies.

Buy direct from Film Score Monthly

Wicked Wiki
"CHiPs" Online is proud to host the CHiPs Wiki. This is your resource for finding information related to "CHiPs". We haven't quite got all the information there yet, but you can help! Like most Wiki pages out there, anyone can add information and have it appear right away! Notice a spelling error? You can fix it. Have other information to share? Add it in. It's wicked awesome!
"CHiPs" Season 2 on DVD!
Not a week goes by that someone doesn't contact us asking about "CHiPs" on DVD. The complete second season was released in June 2008. The box contains all 22 episodes on four double-sided DVDs. It also features a new featurette, "The Real CHiPs with Erik Estrada" and the feature length episode "The Greatest Adventures of CHiPs". This time around, subtitles are in English and French in addition to Spanish and Portuguese.

Order your copy of "CHiPs" Season 2 today!

We do not know if or when season 3 will be released on DVD!

You can still get "CHiPs" - The Complete First Season from Amazon.com (and other fine retailers). You can also purchase individual episodes via Amazon Unbox and the iTunes Store.

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"CHiPs" Fans DO Care!
Lewis Saunders, better known to "CHiPs" fans as Gene Fritz, has written a book of poetry of "Men Making True Confessions." Wattya Mean Men Don't Care is a book of poetry about love and loss of love based on interviewing men over a period of a year and a half.
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